Copilot language and region support

This article discusses the copilot language and region support. There are differences in the languages that are supported for creating copilots, for the portal in general, and for the Copilot for Service app in Outlook and Teams.

Region availability and data movement

The option to enable Copilot AI features is available by default to customers with environments that have United States, Australia, India, Europe, and United Kingdom as their geography for data processing and storage. For Europe, data movement for Copilot for Service features is enabled by default. For all other regions, enable data movement across regions in the Copilot for Service app settings.

Supported languages for admin portal and the Copilot for Service app in Outlook and Teams

Currently, agent-facing Copilots are available in the following languages. To understand the availability of copilot in your region and language, see explore Copilot features by geography and languages.

User interface languages

Language Portal support Copilot for Service app in Outlook and Teams support
Arabic No Yes
Basque No Yes
Bulgarian No Yes
Catalan No Yes
Chinese (Hong Kong) No Yes
Chinese (Simplified) Yes Yes
Chinese (Traditional) Yes Yes
Croatian No Yes
Czech Yes Yes
Danish Yes Yes
Dutch Yes Yes
English Yes Yes
English (United Kingdom) No Yes
Estonian No Yes
Finnish Yes Yes
French Yes Yes
French (Canada) Yes Yes
Galician No Yes
German Yes Yes
Greek Yes Yes
Hebrew No Yes
Hindi Yes Yes
Indonesian Yes Yes
Italian Yes Yes
Japanese Yes Yes
Kazakh No Yes
Korean Yes Yes
Latvian No Yes
Lithuanian No Yes
Malay No Yes
Norwegian Yes Yes
Polish Yes Yes
Portuguese (Brazilian) Yes Yes
Portuguese (Portugal) No Yes
Romanian No Yes
Russian Yes Yes
Slovak No Yes
Slovenian No Yes
Serbian (Cyrillic) No Yes
Serbian (Latin) No Yes
Spanish Yes Yes
Spanish (Mexico) No Yes
Swedish Yes Yes
Thai Yes Yes
Turkish Yes Yes
Ukranian No Yes
Vietnamese No Yes

AI languages in Copilot for Service

Language Agent Copilot – generative answers Email summary Case summary Draft an email
Danish Yes No Yes Yes
Dutch Yes No Yes Yes
English Yes Yes Yes Yes
French Yes No Yes Yes
German Yes No Yes Yes
Italian Yes No Yes Yes
Japanese Yes No Yes Yes
Porteguese Yes No Yes Yes
Spanish Yes No Yes Yes

Regional and language options for your Power Platform environment
Configure and create multilingual copilots in Microsoft Copilot Studio