Add a copilot to Power Pages


Power Virtual Agents capabilities and features are now part of Microsoft Copilot Studio following significant investments in generative AI and enhanced integrations across Microsoft Copilot.

Some articles and screenshots may refer to Power Virtual Agents while we update documentation and training content.

Power Pages are external-facing websites that allow users outside their organizations to sign in with a wide variety of identities, create and view data in Microsoft Dataverse, or even browse content anonymously. You can add a copilot to a website so that visitors can interact with a chatbot directly on your site's page.


Add a copilot to your Power Pages

Power Pages design studio is a no-code experience used to create and customize Power Pages. It contains various options to add and configure webpages, components, forms, and lists.

To learn how to add a copilot with design studio, see Add a copilot to your Power Pages site.