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Using Electronic Software Distribution as a Package Management Solution

In Application Virtualization, after you have sequenced and tested a package, you need to deploy the virtual application package to the target computers. To accomplish this, you will need to determine where to put the package content and how to deliver it to the end user computers. An efficient, effective electronic software distribution–based deployment plan will help you avoid the situation where large numbers of end users computers need to retrieve the package content over slow network connections.

If you currently have an electronic software distribution (ESD) system in daily operation, you can use it to handle all necessary management tasks in Application Virtualization. This means that you can effectively use your existing infrastructure to the best advantage, without the need to add new servers and application software or incur the additional administrative overhead that these would require. Ideally, if you have Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager deployed and operational, you will find that Configuration Manager has built-in capability for performing the Application Virtualization management tasks.

For in-depth information about performing an ESD-based deployment, Electronic Software Distribution-Based Scenario.

In This Section

Publishing Virtual Applications Using Electronic Software Distribution
Describes the available ESD-based methods for distributing your sequenced applications to clients.

Planning Your Streaming Solution in an Electronic Software Distribution Implementation
Describes available options for using a streaming server to deploy your sequenced applications to clients.

Electronic Software Distribution-Based Scenario

Planning for Application Virtualization System Deployment