Technical Reference for UE-V 2.x

This technical reference section includes additional technical documentation about the various features of Microsoft User Experience Virtualization (UE-V) 2.0, 2.1, and 2.1 SP1. This information is provided to help the administrator better understand UE-V.

Technical reference topics for UE-V 2.x

  • Sync Methods for UE-V 2.x

    Defines how UE-V synchronizes settings between computers and the settings storage location. Sync Provider is the default sync method for UE-V 2.0. This topic provides technical reference information for sync methods, including the Sync Provider.

  • Sync Trigger Events for UE-V 2.x

    Defines when the UE-V Agent synchronizes those settings with the settings storage location. This topic provides technical reference information about when synchronization takes place based upon the sync method deployed.

  • Synchronizing Office 2013 with UE-V 2.0

    Provides guidance for downloading and enabling the Microsoft-authored UE-V 2.0 settings location template that supports Office 2013 settings synchronization.

  • Application Template Schema Reference for UE-V 2.x

    Details the XML structure of UE-V settings location templates and provides guidance for editing these files.

  • Accessibility for UE-V 2.x

    Describes features and services that make UE-V more accessible for people with disabilities.

  • Security Considerations for UE-V 2.x

    Provides a brief overview of accounts, groups, and other security-related considerations for UE-V.

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