Test accessibility using Lighthouse

You can use Lighthouse from within DevTools to audit the accessibility of a page and generate a report. You can use the Lighthouse tool to determine:

The Lighthouse tool provides links to content hosted on third-party websites. Microsoft is not responsible for and has no control over the content of these sites and any data that may be collected.

To audit a page using the Lighthouse tool:

  1. Go to the URL that you want to audit.

  2. In DevTools, select the Lighthouse tool. Configuration options are displayed:

    Lighthouse configuration options

  3. For Device, select Mobile if you want to simulate a mobile device. This option changes your user agent string and resizes the viewport. This option can affect the audit results.

  4. In the Categories section, select Accessibility.

  5. Click Generate report. After 10 to 30 seconds, DevTools displays a report. The report gives tips on how to improve the accessibility of the page:

    A Lighthouse report for the Accessibility category

  6. Select an item in the report to learn more about it.

    An expanded issue in a Lighthouse report

  7. Click the Learn more link to view the documentation of the issue:

    View the documentation of an issue

  8. To return to the configuration options, in DevTools, click Perform an audit (+).


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