Customize DevTools

This page lists the ways to customize Microsoft Edge DevTools.


Settings > Preferences contains many options for customizing DevTools.

To open Settings, in DevTools, click the Settings icon (Settings icon). Or, while DevTools has focus, press F1.



In the Drawer toolbar in the bottom of DevTools, you can select which tools to display.

To open (or close) the Drawer, press Escape.

The Drawer

You can move tools between the main panel and the drawer.

  • To move a tool from the drawer to the main panel, right-click a tool, and then select Move to top.

    Moving a tool from the Drawer to the main toolbar

  • To move a tool from the main panel to the drawer, right-click a tool, and then select Move to bottom.

    Moving a tool from the main toolbar to the Drawer

Reorder tools

Click and drag a tool to change the ordering. Your custom tool order persists across DevTools sessions.

By default, the Network tool is usually the fifth tab on the main toolbar. In the following figure, the Network tool is being moved to become the first tab in the main toolbar.

Custom order of DevTools in a toolbar

Open and close tools

To keep the DevTools interface streamlined, many of the tools aren't opened by default. To open a tool in the main panel or the Drawer, click the More Tools (More Tools) button to the right of the tabs, and then select a tool from the list.

The More Tools (+) button to open a new tool

To close a tool, select the Close (Close Tool) button in the tool's tab.

The tab's Close button

Change where DevTools is docked in the browser

See Change DevTools placement (Undock, Dock to bottom, Dock to left).

Undocked DevTools

Zoom DevTools in or out

See Zoom DevTools in or out in Overview of DevTools.

Color themes

See Apply a color theme to DevTools.

Selecting a different color theme

Restore default settings

To restore the default theme, placement, tools order, and any other customized settings, select Settings > Preferences > Restore defaults and refresh.

Restoring default settings

Customize keyboard shortcuts

See Customize keyboard shortcuts.

Videos about Customizing the DevTools UI

Customizing Microsoft Edge Developer Tools and quick feature access

Published on 5 May 2022.

Thumbnail image for the DevTools customization video

Learn how to customize DevTools to fit your needs.

This video covers how to dock or undock DevTools, open new tools, and close those you don't need. It describes how to move tools in the bottom drawer and customize the text size and theme. The video also explains how you can use the Command Menu keyboard shortcuts to quickly customize DevTools.

Understand the DevTools user interface

Published on 1 September 2022.

Thumbnail image for the Understand the DevTools UI video

Understand how the Microsoft Edge DevTools UI is organized. If you are confused about what tools are available, and what the main parts of the DevTools interface do, this video will help get more comfortable.

In this video, we go over the UI structure, with its main toolbar and panel and its drawer area. We also go over how to find, open, and close tools, restore the default settings, and go over the list of available tools.

Check out this video to learn about the main parts of the DevTools UI, how to customize it to meet your needs, learn about the different tools that are available, and where to go for help.

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