Source Maps Monitor tool

Use the Source Maps Monitor tool to monitor which source files on your webpage requested loading of source maps, and whether the source maps were loaded. This tool is useful if your webpage uses source maps to map your reprocessed code to your original source code. Source mapping enables you to see and debug your original source code, rather than having to work with the reprocessed version of your code that's returned by the server.

To try this feature:

  1. In a new tab or window, follow the instructions in Map the processed code to your original source code, for debugging, and then continue below.

  2. Close the popup dialog box that the demo opens.

  3. In the Sources tool, in the Page tab, select the file that the demo created for you, such as Coffee2.js.

  4. In DevTools, on the main toolbar, click the More Tools (More Tools icon) button, and then select the Source Maps Monitor tool.

    The Source Maps Monitor tool

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