Step 6 – Transition a group to Privileged Access Management

Privileged account creation in the PRIV forest is done using PowerShell cmdlets. These cmdlets perform the following functions:

  • Create a new group in the PRIV forest with the same Security Identifier (SID) as a group in the CORP forest.
  • Create an object in the MIM Service database corresponding to the group in the PRIV forest.
  • For each user account, create two objects in the MIM Service database, corresponding to the user in the CORP forest and the new user account in the PRIV forest.
  • Create a PAM Role object in the MIM Service database.

The cmdlets need to be run once for each group, and once for each member of a group. The migration cmdlets do not change or modify any user or groups in the CORP forest: the PAM administrator will do that manually afterwards.

  1. Sign in to PAMSRV, either directly or from a PRIV workstation, as PRIV\MIMAdmin.

  2. Launch PowerShell, and type the following commands.

   Import-Module MIMPAM
   Import-Module ActiveDirectory
  1. Create a corresponding user account in PRIV for a user account in an existing forest, for demonstration purposes.

    Type the following commands into PowerShell. If you did not use the name Jen to create the user in contoso.local earlier, then change the parameters of the command as appropriate. The password 'Pass@word1' is just an example and should be changed to a unique password value.

        $sj = New-PAMUser –SourceDomain CONTOSO.local –SourceAccountName Jen
        $jp = ConvertTo-SecureString "Pass@word1" –asplaintext –force
        Set-ADAccountPassword –identity priv.Jen –NewPassword $jp
        Set-ADUser –identity priv.Jen –Enabled 1
  2. Copy a group and its member, Jen, from CONTOSO to PRIV domain, for demonstration purposes.

    Run the following commands, specifying the CORP domain admin (CONTOSO\Administrator) password where prompted:

         $ca = get-credential –UserName CONTOSO\Administrator –Message "CORP forest domain admin credentials"
         $pg = New-PAMGroup –SourceGroupName "CorpAdmins" –SourceDomain CONTOSO.local                 –SourceDC CORPDC.contoso.local –Credentials $ca
         $pr = New-PAMRole –DisplayName "CorpAdmins" –Privileges $pg –Candidates $sj

    For reference, the New-PAMGroup command takes the following parameters:

    • The CORP forest domain name in NetBIOS form
    • The name of the group to copy from that domain
    • The CORP forest Domain Controller NetBIOS name
    • The credentials of an domain admin user in the CORP forest
  3. (Optional) On CORPDC, remove Jen’s account from the CONTOSO CorpAdmins group, if it is still present. This is only needed for demonstration purposes, to illustrate how permissions can be associated with accounts created in the PRIV forest.

    1. Sign in to CORPDC as CONTOSO\Administrator.

    2. Launch PowerShell, run the following command and confirm the change.

      Remove-ADGroupMember -identity "CorpAdmins" -Members "Jen"

If you want to demonstrate that cross-forest access rights are effective for the user's administrator account, continue to the next step.