Teams for Nonprofit organizations

Nonprofit organizations have many unique business needs that Microsoft Teams and Microsoft 365 can help with. In particular, nonprofits often rely on a large volume of volunteers to help achieve their mission outcomes. So coordinating and communicating with internal staff and volunteers is key.

The following templates are designed specifically for nonprofit organizations. Use these templates to empower your staff and engage volunteers.

  • Use the Manage volunteers team template to quickly and easily set up teams in Teams for your staff to communicate and collaborate on volunteer management tasks and activities. This template includes settings, channels, and apps designed to streamline volunteer management activities.

    Your staff can use different channels to organize and share onboarding materials and frequently used documents, view reporting, post important team and event announcements, and more. The template also integrates with Volunteer Management, an app that's part of Microsoft Cloud for Nonprofit, enabling staff to manage volunteer engagement opportunities within Teams.

  • Use the Volunteer center SharePoint site template to set up a central hub where your volunteers can access key information. Welcome new volunteers, post announcements, showcase upcoming events, and introduce your organization and staff. Provide easy access to training and onboarding materials, and key sites.

Teams features for nonprofit organizations are also part of Microsoft Cloud for Nonprofit. Learn more about Microsoft Cloud for Nonprofit, which brings together capabilities from Microsoft Dynamics 365, Microsoft Power Platform, Microsoft 365, Microsoft Azure, and LinkedIn.