Share to Teams from personal app or tab

Share to Teams allows users to share the content from personal app or tab to other user or group or channel within Teams. Users can select Share to Teams to launch the Share to Teams experience in a pop-up window. The pop-up window allows users to add other user or group or channel to share the content.

The following image shows the Share to Teams pop-up window:


Enable Share to Teams button


Ensure that you have Microsoft Teams JavaScript client library (@microsoft/teams-js@1.11.0-beta.7 or later) to enable Share to Teams for your personal app or tab.

To enable Share to Teams:

  1. Create a personal app or tab with Teams Javascript client library.

  2. Create a Share to Teams button.

  3. On Share to Teams button, call microsoftTeams.sharing.shareWebContent with a content payload.

The following example explains how to create a content payload:

        content: [
            type: 'URL',
            url: '<URL to be shared>',
            message: 'Default message to be loaded in the compose box',
            preview: true

The payload contains the following parameters:

Property name Purpose
type The type must be URL
url URL to be shared
message Default message to be loaded in the compose box
preview Set to true to enable URL preview

The following image shows the Share to Teams option:


Response codes

The following table provides the response codes:

Response code Description
100 API not supported in the current platform.
404 The file specified wasn't found on the given location.
500 Internal error encountered while performing the required operation.
501 API isn't supported in current context.
1000 Permissions denied by user.
2000 Network issue.
3000 Underlying hardware doesn't support the capability.
4000 One or more arguments are invalid.
5000 User isn't authorized for this operation.
6000 Couldn't complete the operation due to insufficient resources.
7000 Platform throttled the request because of API was invoked too frequently.
8000 User aborted the operation.
9000 Platform code is old and doesn't implement this API.
10000 The return value is too big and has exceeded our size boundaries.


  • Share to Teams is supported for desktop and web clients but isn't supported for mobile client.
  • The Share to Teams button can be hosted or embedded in an app running inside Teams.
  • You can add Share to Teams button to the app created by using Teams Javascript client library.

End user Share to Teams experience

After you enable share to teams button on personal app or tab, you can share the content. To access, follow the steps:

  1. Open a personal app or tab and select Share to Teams.


  2. Add other user or group or channel to share the content.


  3. Select Share.


  4. Select View to reach the conversation where the link was shared.


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