Distribute your Microsoft Teams app

You can provide your Microsoft Teams app to an individual, team, organization, or anyone who wants to use it. How you distribute depends on several factors including users' needs, business, technical requirements, and your goals for the app.

Configure default install options

You can configure default install options. For example, if your app's primary capability is a bot, you can make the bot the default capability when a user installs your app to a team.

Enable customization for your Microsoft Teams app

You can allow customers to customize some aspects of your Microsoft Teams app in the Teams admin center. This feature is supported only for apps published to the Microsoft Teams Store.

Create Teams app package

To distribute your Teams app, you must have a valid app package. An app package is a zip file that contains an app manifest and app icons.

Upload your app in Teams

Upload a custom app for personal use, collaborating with your team, or testing and debugging. This kind of distribution doesn't require a formal review process.


Uploading custom apps are available in Government Community Cloud (GCC), but are not available for GCC-High and Department of Defense (DOD).

For more information, see upload your app in Teams.

Publish to your org

Make your app available to people in your org. This kind of distribution requires your Teams admin's approval.

For more information, see manage your apps in the Teams admin center.

Government Community Cloud (GCC) organizations

In GCC Teams environments, compliant Microsoft apps are enabled by default. Before publishing an app, however, make sure that all the app's endpoints comply with your GCC organization's requirements. For more information, see Government Community Cloud.


If your app includes a bot or message extension, you must select the Microsoft Teams for Government option when setting up a channel between your bot and Teams in Azure. For more information, see connect a bot to channels.

Publish your app to the Teams Store

Make your app available to everyone. This kind of distribution requires Microsoft approval.

For more information, see publish to the Teams Store.

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