Purchase and manage app subscriptions and licenses

This article helps you understand the user's purchase experience for apps in Teams. Users can purchase subscriptions and manage licenses from the Teams store for an individual, team, or an organization. You can add more features and functionality to your Teams app through subscriptions.

Subscription experience

To purchase a subscription plan for a Teams app, follow these steps:

  1. In the Teams store, find and select the app for which you want to purchase the subscription.

  2. In the app details dialog, select Buy a subscription.

    Screenshot shows buying the subscription for the selected app.

  3. To view the available plans for your location, select your country or region.

  4. Select Save and continue.

    Screenshot shows option to select the country or region.

  5. In the Choose a subscription plan dialog, select Start trail for the plan you want to purchase.


    Private plans are visible only to users of the organization you're providing the specific offer. A Private offer icon indicates such private plans.

    Screenshot shows selecting the appropriate subscription plan.

  6. In the Checkout dialog, enter the following information:

    • Under Basic plan > Quantity, select the number of plans.
    • Under Sold to, add the name and address. For Sold-to address, enter the address of the legal entity responsible for payment and identified on the invoice (business or residence). The Sold-to address determines the estimated tax rate for your purchase.
    • Under Payment method, add the payment details.
  7. Select Place order.

    Screenshot shows placing the subscription order.

  8. When prompted, select Set up now to activate your subscription.

    Screenshot shows the option to set up your subscription.

    You're redirected to the app website (also known as a landing page) where you can manage your subscriptions.

Screenshot shows User and Licenses screen to assign license.

When a new user launches the app for the first time, they're requested to provide consent to the app.


Consent dialog is part of the flow to get the user's license information and may vary based on Independent software vendors (ISVs) integration approach.

Following is an example of the consent screen:

Screenshot shows the Permissions requested consent dialog.

Manage subscriptions

If you've purchased a Teams app subscription or if you want to manage one for your team, you can view the list of subscriptions and their details:

  • Change a plan.
  • Buy or remove licenses.
  • Update a payment method.
  • Cancel a subscription.
  • View your invoices.

Filter your subscriptions

  1. Go to Microsoft Teams.

  2. Select Apps > Manage your apps.

  3. Select the Subscriptions tab to view your list of subscriptions.

  4. To filter subscriptions by status, select Filter and then select the type(s) of subscriptions:

    • Pending: Subscription still needs to be set up.
    • Active: Subscription is set up and the service can be used.
    • Deleted: Subscription is no longer available.
  5. To find a specific subscription, type the name of the app in the search box.

    Screenshot shows you to find a specific subscription.

Manage licenses

  1. Go to Microsoft Teams.

  2. Select Apps > Manage your apps.

  3. Select the Subscriptions tab to view your list of subscriptions.

  4. Find the app subscription that you want to manage and select More options ....

  5. Manage licenses by selecting Buy licenses or Remove licenses.

Cancel a subscription

  1. Go to Microsoft Teams.

  2. Select Apps > Manage your apps.

  3. Select the Subscriptions tab to view your list of subscriptions.

    Screenshot shows the list of subscriptions.

  4. Find the app that you want to cancel and select More options ... > View subscription.

  5. Select Cancel subscription.


You can only manage subscriptions you purchased.

You can take additional actions related to your subscription, such as editing your billing profile or recurring billing settings in M365 admin center.

Screenshot shows you to manage the additional subscriptions in M365 admin center.

License management experience

The following example shows how users can manage licenses for third-party apps from the Teams store:

  1. Go to Microsoft Teams.

  2. Select Apps > Manage your apps.

    Screenshot shows the Apps screen to select Manage your app option.

  3. Select Subscriptions. A tab appears with a list of purchases made in the tenant.

  4. Select an existing subscription from the list and then select Assign licenses.

    Screenshot shows the Assign licenses option of the respective app under Subscription tab.

  5. To view license utilization and assign licenses, select Assign licenses.

    Screenshot shows the selected assigned licenses highlighted in red.

  6. Search for the users or a team in the search box and select Assign. The users or a team are assigned with the license.

    Screenshot shows assigning license to a Team highlighted in red.

    You can view the list of assigned users or teams for the subscription and also check the status of the assignment.

    Screenshot shows the list of assigned users with Assign licenses option highlighted in red.

  7. If you want to unassign a license for a user or a team, select the users or a team from the list and select Unassign.

    Screenshot shows the Unassign option highlighted in red to unassign the selected users.

Admin purchasing experience

Admins can manage the app subscriptions and licenses in the Teams admin center. For more information, see Purchase third-party Teams apps and manage subscriptions.

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