Get started

Let's get started with building apps for Microsoft Teams and beyond!

Use GitHub Codespaces or walk through the step-by-step guide to build a basic, real-world Teams app. The Get started module introduces you to common tools, fundamental concepts, and more advanced functionalities.

Here's an idea of what you'll learn:

  • Get started quickly with the Microsoft Teams Toolkit.
  • Build tab, scenario-based apps, and message extension with GitHub Codespaces or step-by-step guide.
  • Learn about tutorials and code samples available for building your Teams app.
  • Learn about various tools and SDKs available for building your Teams app.

Build your first Teams app

In this section, learn more on how to build Teams app with different capabilities, such as tab, scenario-based bot app, and message extension.

  1. Select the type of Teams app that you want to build:

    • Build a basic Teams tab app: You can get started with building a Teams app with a basic tab app.

    • Build a scenario-based Teams bot app: You can build a Teams app that is suitable for a particular scenario or use-case. For example, a notification bot is suitable for sending notifications but not to chat.

    • Build message extension Teams app: You can build a search-based message extension Teams app.

  2. Choose your path to build your selected app:

    • GitHub Codespaces: Allows you to run, test, and debug your app in a development environment without the need for any of the setup.
    • Step-by-step guide: Allows you to create a Teams app from scratch with all development environment setup.

    Screenshot shows your choices to build Teams app with codespaces and step-by-step guide.

Next step

If you want to build a basic tab app, go to:

If a bot is what you're interested in, go to:

If you want to build a message extension app, go to:

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