Publish Teams apps for Microsoft 365

Microsoft Teams supports Microsoft 365-enabled Teams apps for production. You can distribute these apps to users who use:

  • Targeted Release (dev preview) versions of and (formerly
  • Beta Channels build of Outlook for Windows desktop, Outlook for Android, and Microsoft 365 Current Channel (dev preview) build of Microsoft 365 app for Android

Distribution options and processes for Microsoft 365-enabled Teams apps are the same as for traditional Teams apps.

After it's published, your app will be discoverable as an installable app from the Outlook and Microsoft 365 app stores, in addition to the Teams store. Your app uses the permissions defined in Teams across Outlook and Microsoft 365. Teams admins can manage access to Teams apps across Microsoft 365 for users in their organization.

The screenshot is an example that shows Outlook and (formerly install screens for the SurveyMonkey and MURAL Teams apps.

Single-tenant distribution

Outlook-enabled message extensions can be distributed to test and production tenants in several ways:

Teams client

From the Apps menu, select Manage your apps > Upload an app > Submit an app to your org. To submit an app requires approval from your IT admin.

Teams Developer Portal

Use the Teams Developer Portal to upload and publish an app for your organization. Uploading and publishing an app requires approval from your IT admin. For more information, see manage your apps with the Developer Portal for Microsoft Teams.

Microsoft Teams Admin Center

Teams admin can upload and pre-install the app package for your organization's tenant from Teams admin center. For more information, see upload your custom apps in the Microsoft Teams admin center.

Microsoft Admin Center

Global admin can upload and pre-install the app package from Microsoft admin. For more information, see test and deploy Microsoft 365 Apps by partners in the Integrated apps portal.

Multitenant distribution

The Microsoft commercial marketplace (Microsoft AppSource) submission process for Teams apps enabled for Outlook and Microsoft 365 app is same as traditional Teams apps. The difference is you need to use app manifest (previously called Teams app manifest) version 1.13 in your app package, which introduces support for Teams apps that run across Microsoft 365.


Use Teams Developer Portal to validate your app package to resolve any errors or warnings before submitting it to the Teams store (through Microsoft Partner Network).

See the following video to learn more about multi-tenant apps:

To get started, see distribute your Microsoft Teams app.

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