Add single sign-on to Teams app

Microsoft Teams provides single sign-on (SSO) function for an app to obtain signed in Teams user token to access Microsoft Graph and other APIs. Microsoft Teams Toolkit facilitates the interaction by abstracting few of the Microsoft Entra ID flows and integrations behind simple APIs and enables you to add SSO features easily to your Teams app.

Add SSO to Teams app for Microsoft Visual Studio Code

For apps that interact with the user in a chat, Team, or channel, SSO manifests as an Adaptive Card, which the user can interact with to invoke the Microsoft Entra consent flow.

Enable SSO support

Teams Toolkit helps you to add SSO to the following Teams capabilities in Visual Studio Code:

  • Tab
  • Bot
  • Notification bot: restify server
  • Command bot
  • Workflow bot
  • Message extension

Add SSO using Visual Studio Code

You can perform the following steps to add SSO using Teams Toolkit in Visual Studio Code:

  1. Open Visual Studio Code.

  2. Select Teams Toolkit from the Visual Studio Code activity bar.

  3. Select View How-to Guides in the DEVELOPMENT section.

    Screenshot shows the option to select View How-to Guides under Development.

  4. From the dropdown list, select Develop Single Sign-On Experience in Teams. You're redirected to the respective How-to guide.

    Screenshot shows the Single Sign-on feature highlighted in red in the Visual Studio Code.

    Development How-to Guide
    Develop Single Sign-on Experience in Teams How to Develop Single Sign-on Experience


When SSO is enabled, Teams Toolkit by default provisions a single-tenant Microsoft Entra app, which means only user and guest accounts in the same directory as your M365 account can sign in to your Teams app. For more information on supporting multitenant to update your TeamsFx project, see Multi-tenancy support for Microsoft Entra app.

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