Set up the Call Quality Dashboard

Open the Microsoft Call Quality Dashboard (CQD) at (sign in with your admin credentials). Or go to the Teams admin center and select Analytics & reports > Call Quality Dashboard.

Screenshot of the Call quality dashboard button in Teams admin center.

On the page that opens, click Sign in and enter your Global Administrator account or Microsoft Teams Administrator account information. CQD shows call and meeting quality, at an org-wide level, for Microsoft Teams, Skype for Business Online, and Skype for Business Server 2019.


To use CQD with Skype for Business Server 2019, you'll have to Configure Call Data Connector. See Plan Call Data Connector before you start.

Assign admin roles for access to CQD

Assign roles for accessing CQD to the people who need to use it.

If you want non-admin users (such as support engineers and helpdesk agents) to use Call Quality Dashboard, you can assign those users one of the following roles, which gives access to CQD.

  View reports View EUII fields Create reports Upload building data
Global Administrator Yes Yes Yes Yes
Teams Administrator Yes Yes Yes Yes
Teams Communications Administrator Yes Yes Yes Yes
Teams Communications Support Engineer Yes Yes Yes No
Teams Communications Support Specialist Yes No Yes No
Skype for Business Administrator Yes Yes Yes Yes
Global Reader Yes Yes Yes No
Reports Reader1 Yes No Yes No

1 In addition to reading CQD reports, the Reports Reader can view all the activity reports in the admin center and any reports from the Microsoft 365 Adoption content pack.


If you're not seeing EUII (end-user identifiable information) and you have one of the roles that's permitted to see this information, keep in mind that CQD only keeps EUII for 28 days. Anything older than 28 days is deleted.

For more information about these roles, see About Office 365 admin roles.

After the first time you sign in, CQD will begin collecting and processing data.

Use Power BI to analyze CQD data

Download Power BI query templates for CQD. These are customizable Power BI templates you can use to analyze and report your CQD data.

Read Use Power BI to analyze CQD data to learn more.

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Use Power BI to analyze CQD data