Database.QueryTimeout property (DAO)

Applies to: Access 2013, Office 2013

Sets or returns a value that specifies the number of seconds to wait before a timeout error occurs when a query is executed on an ODBC data source.


expression .QueryTimeout

expression A variable that represents a Database object.


The default value is 60.

When you're using an ODBC database, such as Microsoft SQL Server, there may be delays due to network traffic or heavy use of the ODBC server. Rather than waiting indefinitely, you can specify how long to wait.

When you use QueryTimeout with a Connection or Database object, it specifies a global value for all queries associated with the database. You can override this value for a specific query by setting the ODBCTimeout property of the particular QueryDef object.


This example uses the ODBCTimeout and QueryTimeout properties to show how the QueryTimeout setting on a Database object sets the default ODBCTimeout setting on any QueryDef objects created from the Database object.

Sub ODBCTimeoutX() 
 Dim dbsCurrent As Database 
 Dim qdfStores As QueryDef 
 Dim rstStores As Recordset 
 Set dbsCurrent = OpenDatabase("Northwind.mdb") 
 ' Change the default QueryTimeout of the Northwind 
 ' database. 
 Debug.Print "Default QueryTimeout of Database: " & _ 
 dbsCurrent.QueryTimeout = 30 
 Debug.Print "New QueryTimeout of Database: " & _ 
 ' Create a new QueryDef object. 
 Set qdfStores = dbsCurrent.CreateQueryDef("Stores", _ 
 "SELECT * FROM stores") 
 ' Note: The DSN referenced below must be configured to 
 ' use Microsoft Windows NT Authentication Mode to 
 ' authorize user access to the SQL Server. 
 qdfStores.Connect = _ 
 ' Change the ODBCTimeout setting of the new QueryDef 
 ' object from its default setting. 
 Debug.Print "Default ODBCTimeout of QueryDef: " & _ 
 qdfStores.ODBCTimeout = 0 
 Debug.Print "New ODBCTimeout of QueryDef: " & _ 
 ' Execute the query and display the results. 
 Set rstStores = qdfStores.OpenRecordset() 
 Debug.Print "Contents of recordset:" 
 With rstStores 
 Do While Not .EOF 
 Debug.Print , .Fields(0), .Fields(1) 
 End With 
 ' Delete new QueryDef because this is a demonstration. 
 dbsCurrent.QueryDefs.Delete qdfStores.Name 
End Sub