Shape.DeleteEx method (Visio)

Deletes the additional shapes that are associated with the shape, such as connectors and unselected container members, when the shape is deleted.


expression. DeleteEx( _DelFlags_ )

expression A variable that represents a Shape object.


Name Required/Optional Data type Description
DelFlags Required Long The additional shapes to delete. See Remarks for possible values.

Return value



DelFlags must be one or a bitwise combination of the following VisDeleteFlags constants.

Constant Value Description
visDeleteNormal 0 Match the deletion behavior that is in the user interface.
visDeleteHealConnectors 1 Delete connectors that are attached to deleted shapes.
visDeleteNoHealConnectors 2 Do not delete connectors that are attached to deleted shapes.
visDeleteNoContainerMembers 4 Do not delete unselected members of containers or lists.
visDeleteNoAssociatedCallouts 8 Do not delete unselected callouts that are associated with shapes.

In a bitwise combination of DelFlags constants, you cannot combine visDeleteHealConnectors and visDeleteNoHealConnectors. If you attempt to do so, Microsoft Visio returns an Invalid Parameter error.

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