CheckBox.BorderThemeColorIndex property (Access)

Gets or sets a value that represents a color in the applied color theme associated with the BorderColor property of the specified object. Read/write Long.



expression A variable that represents a CheckBox object.


The BorderThemeColorIndex property contains one of the index values listed in the following table.

Index Value Description
0 Text 1
1 Background 1
2 Text 2
3 Background 2
4 Accent 1
5 Accent 2
6 Accent 3
7 Accent 4
8 Accent 5
9 Accent 6
10 Hyperlink
11 Followed Hyperlink

If no theme is applied, the BorderThemeColorIndex property contains -1.

This property is not surfaced in the property sheet.


The following code example sets the border color to the Text 2 color by setting the BorderThemeColorIndex property.


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