VisCellIndices enumeration (Visio)

Specifies logical indices of cells in ShapeSheet rows of Shape or Style objects.

Constant Value Description
vis1DBeginX 0 BeginX Cell (1D Endpoints Section)
vis1DBeginY 1 BeginY Cell (1D Endpoints Section)
vis1DEndX 2 EndX Cell (1D Endpoints Section)
vis1DEndY 3 EndY Cell (1D Endpoints Section)
visActionAction 3 Action Cell (Actions Section)
visActionBeginGroup 8 BeginGroup Cell (Actions Section)
visActionButtonFace 15 ButtonFace Cell (Actions Section)
visActionChecked 4 Checked Cell (Actions Section)
visActionDisabled 5 Disabled Cell (Actions Section)
visActionInvisible 7 Invisible Cell (Actions Section)
visActionMenu 0 Menu Cell (Actions Section)
visActionReadOnly 6 ReadOnly Cell (Actions Section)
visActionSortKey 16 SortKey Cell (Actions Section)
visActionTagName 14 TagName Cell (Actions Section)
visAlignBottom 5 AlignBottom Cell (Alignment Section)
visAlignCenter 1 AlignCenter Cell (Alignment Section)
visAlignLeft 0 AlignLeft Cell (Alignment Section)
visAlignMiddle 4 AlignMiddle Cell (Alignment Section)
visAlignRight 2 AlignRight Cell (Alignment Section)
visAlignTop 3 AlignTop Cell (Alignment Section)
visAnnotationComment 5 Comment Cell (Annotation Section)
visAnnotationDate 4 Date Cell (Annotation Section)
visAnnotationLangID 6 LangID Cell (Annotation Section)
visAnnotationMarkerIndex 3 In previous versions of Visio, represented the MarkerIndex Cell (Annotation Section), which is now deprecated.
visAnnotationReviewerID 2 ReviewerID Cell (Annotation Section)
visAnnotationX 0 X Cell (Annotation Section)
visAnnotationY 1 Y Cell (Annotation Section)
visAspectRatio 5 D Cell (Geometry Section)
visBegTrigger 11 BegTrigger Cell (Glue Info Section)
visBevelBottomHeight 5 BevelBottomHeight Cell (Bevel Properties Section)
visBevelBottomType 3 BevelBottomType Cell (Bevel Properties Section)
visBevelBottomWidth 4 BevelBottomWidth Cell (Bevel Properties Section)
visBevelContourColor 8 BevelContourColor Cell (Bevel Properties Section)
visBevelContourSize 9 BevelContourSize Cell (Bevel Properties Section)
visBevelDepthColor 6 BevelDepthColor Cell (Bevel Properties Section)
visBevelDepthSize 7 BevelDepthSize Cell (Bevel Properties Section)
visBevelLightingAngle 12 BevelLightingAngle Cell (Bevel Properties Section)
visBevelLightingType 11 BevelLightingType Cell (Bevel Properties Section)
visBevelMaterialType 10 BevelMaterialType Cell (Bevel Properties Section)
visBevelTopHeight 2 BevelTopHeight Cell (Bevel Properties Section)
visBevelTopType 0 BevelTopType Cell (Bevel Properties Section)
visBevelTopWidth 1 BevelTopWidth Cell (Bevel Properties Section)
visBow 2 A Cell (Geometry Section)
visBulletFontSize 11 BulletSize Cell (Paragraph Section)
visBulletFont 9 BulletFont Cell (Paragraph Section)
visBulletIndex 7 Bullet Cell (Paragraph Section)
visBulletString 8 BulletString Cell (Paragraph Section)
visCellFirst 0 Cell logically at or before every other cell in a row.
visCellInval 255 An index no cell will ever have.
visCellNone 255 Unspecified cell.
visCharacterAsianFont 51 AsianFont Cell (Character Section)
visCharacterCase 3 Case Cell (Character Section)
visCharacterColorTrans 17 Transparency Cell (Character Section)
visCharacterColor 1 Color Cell (Character Section)
visCharacterComplexScriptFont 52 ComplexScriptFont Cell (Character Section)
visCharacterComplexScriptSize 54 ComplexScriptSize Cell (Character Section)
visCharacterDblUnderline 8 DoubleULine Cell (Character Section)
visCharacterDoubleStrikethrough 13 DoubleStrikethrough Cell (Character Section)
visCharacterFont 0 Font Cell (Character Section)
visCharacterFontScale 5 Scale Cell (Character Section)
visCharacterLangID 57 LangID Cell (Character Section)
visCharacterLetterspace 16 Spacing Cell (Character Section)
visCharacterOverline 9 Overline Cell (Character Section)
visCharacterPos 4 Pos Cell (Character Section)
visCharacterSize 7 Size Cell (Character Section)
visCharacterStrikethru 10 Strikethru Cell (Character Section)
visCharacterStyle 2 Style Cell (Character Section)
visColorSchemeIndex 0 ColorSchemeIndex Cell (Theme Properties Section)
visCompoundType 10 Compound Type Cell (Line Format Section)
visConnectorSchemeIndex 2 ConnectorSchemeIndex Cell (Theme Properties Section)
visCnnctAutoGen 5 AutoGen Cell (Connection Points Section)
visCnnctA 2 DirX / A Cell (Connection Points Section)
visCnnctB 3 DirY / B Cell (Connection Points Section)
visCnnctC 4 Type / C Cell (Connection Points Section)
visCnnctDirX 2 DirX / A Cell (Connection Points Section)
visCnnctDirY 3 DirY / B Cell (Connection Points Section)
visCnnctD 5 D Cell (Connection Points Section)
visCnnctType 4 Type / C Cell (Connection Points Section)
visCnnctX 0 X Cell (Connection Points Section)
visCnnctY 1 Y Cell (Connection Points Section)
visComment 16 Comment Cell (Miscellaneous Section)
visCompNoFill 0 NoFill Cell (Geometry Section)
visCompNoLine 1 NoLine Cell (Geometry Section)
visCompNoQuickDrag 5 NoQuickDrag Cell (Geometry Section)
visCompNoShow 2 NoShow Cell (Geometry Section)
visCompNoSnap 3 NoSnap Cell (Geometry Section)
visCompPath 4 Path Cell (Geometry Section)
visControl1X 2 A Cell (Geometry Section)
visControl1Y 3 B Cell (Geometry Section)
visControl2X 4 C Cell (Geometry Section)
visControl2Y 5 D Cell (Geometry Section)
visControlX 2 A Cell (Geometry Section)
visControlY 3 B Cell (Geometry Section)
visCopyright 1 Copyright Cell (Miscellaneous Section)
visCtlGlue 6 Can Glue Cell (Controls Section)
visCtlTip 8 Tip Cell (Controls Section)
visCtlXCon 4 X Behavior Cell (Controls Section)
visCtlXDyn 2 X Dynamics Cell (Controls Section)
visCtlX 0 X Cell (Controls Section)
visCtlYCon 5 Y Behavior Cell (Controls Section)
visCtlYDyn 3 Y Dynamics Cell (Controls Section)
visCtlY 1 Y Cell (Controls Section)
visCustPropsAsk 7 Ask Cell (Shape Data Section)
visCustPropsCalendar 15 Calendar Cell (Shape Data Section)
visCustPropsDataLinked 8 DataLinked Cell (Shape Data Section)
visCustPropsFormat 3 Format Cell (Shape Data Section)
visCustPropsInvis 6 Invisible Cell (Shape Data Section)
visCustPropsLabel 2 Label Cell (Shape Data Section)
visCustPropsLangID 14 LangID Cell (Shape Data Section)
visCustPropsPrompt 1 Prompt Cell (Shape Data Section)
visCustPropsSortKey 4 SortKey Cell (Shape Data Section)
visCustPropsType 5 Type Cell (Shape Data Section)
visCustPropsValue 0 Value Cell (Shape Data Section)
visDocAddMarkup 3 AddMarkup Cell (Document Properties Section)
visDocLangID 19 DocLangID Cell (Document Properties Section)
visDocLockDuplicate 7 LockDuplicate Cell (Document Properties Section)
visDocLockPreview 1 LockPreview Cell (Document Properties Section)
visDocLockReplace 5 LockReplace Cell (Document Properties Section)
visDocNoCoauth 6 NoCoauth Cell (Document Properties Section)
visDocOutputFormat 0 OutputFormat Cell (Document Properties Section)
visDocPreviewQuality 9 PreviewQuality Cell (Document Properties Section)
visDocPreviewScope 10 PreviewScope Cell (Document Properties Section)
visDocViewMarkup 4 ViewMarkup Cell (Document Properties Section)
visDropSource 17 IsDropSource Cell (Miscellaneous Section)
visDynFeedback 8 DynFeedback Cell (Miscellaneous Section)
visEccentricityAngle 4 C Cell (Geometry Section)
visEffectSchemeIndex 1 EffectSchemeIndex Cell (Theme Properties Section)
visEllipseCenterX 0 X Cell (Geometry Section)
visEllipseCenterY 1 Y Cell (Geometry Section)
visEllipseMajorX 2 A Cell (Geometry Section)
visEllipseMajorY 3 B Cell (Geometry Section)
visEllipseMinorX 4 C Cell (Geometry Section)
visEllipseMinorY 5 D Cell (Geometry Section)
visEmbellishmentIndex 7 EmbellishmentIndex Cell (Theme Properties Section)
visEndTrigger 12 EndTrigger Cell (Glue Info Section)
visEvtCellDblClick 2 EventDblClick Cell (Events Section)
visEvtCellDrop 4 EventDrop Cell (Events Section)
visEvtCellMultiDrop 22 EventMultiDrop Cell (Events Section)
visEvtCellTheText 1 TheText Cell (Events Section)
visEvtCellXFMod 3 EventXFMod Cell (Events Section)
visFieldCalendar 7 Calendar Cell (Text Fields Section)
visFieldCell 0 Value Cell (Text Fields Section)
visFieldFormat 2 Format Cell (Text Fields Section)
visFieldObjectKind 10 ObjectKind Cell (Text Fields Section)
visFieldType 3 Type Cell (Text Fields Section)
visFieldUICategory 4 UICategory Cell (Text Fields Section)
visFieldUICode 5 UICode Cell (Text Fields Section)
visFieldUIFormat 6 UIFormat Cell (Text Fields Section)
visFillBkgndTrans 7 FillBkgndTrans Cell (Fill Format Section)
visFillBkgnd 1 FillBkgnd Cell (Fill Format Section)
visFillForegndTrans 6 FillForegndTrans Cell (Fill Format Section)
visFillForegnd 0 FillForegnd Cell (Fill Format Section)
visFillGradientAngle 3 FillGradientAngle Cell (Gradient Properties Section)
visFillGradientDir 2 FillGradientDir Cell (Gradient Properties Section)
visFillGradientEnabled 5 FillGradientEnabled Cell (Gradient Properties Section)
visFillPattern 2 FillPattern Cell (Fill Format Section)
visFillShdwBkgndTrans 9 In previous versions of Visio, represented the ShdwBkgndTrans Cell (Fill Format Section), which is now deprecated.
visFillShdwBkgnd 4 In previous versions of Visio, represented the ShdwBkgnd Cell (Fill Format Section), which is now deprecated.
visFillShdwBlur 15 ShapeShdwBlur Cell (Fill Format Section)
visFillShdwForegndTrans 8 ShdwForegndTrans Cell (Fill Format Section)
visFillShdwForegnd 3 ShdwForegnd Cell (Fill Format Section)
visFillShdwObliqueAngle 13 ShapeShdwObliqueAngle Cell (Fill Format Section)
visFillShdwOffsetX 11 ShapeShdwOffsetX Cell (Fill Format Section)
visFillShdwOffsetY 12 ShapeShdwOffsetY Cell (Fill Format Section)
visFillShdwPattern 5 ShdwPattern Cell (Fill Format Section)
visFillShdwScaleFactor 14 ShapeShdwScaleFactor Cell (Fill Format Section)
visFillShdwShow 16 ShapeShdwShow Cell (Fill Format Section)
visFillShdwType 10 ShdwType Cell (Page Properties Section)
visFlags 13 Flags Cell (Paragraph Section)
visFontSchemeIndex 3 FontSchemeIndex Cell (Theme Properties Section)
visFrgnImgClippingPath 4 ClippingPath Cell (Foreign Image Info Section)
visFrgnImgHeight 3 ImgHeight Cell (Foreign Image Info Section)
visFrgnImgOffsetX 0 ImgOffsetX Cell (Foreign Image Info Section)
visFrgnImgOffsetY 1 ImgOffsetY Cell (Foreign Image Info Section)
visFrgnImgWidth 2 ImgWidth Cell (Foreign Image Info Section)
visGlowColor 4 GlowColor Cell (Additional Effects Properties Section)
visGlowColorTrans 5 GlowColorTrans Cell (Additional Effects Properties Section)
visGlowSize 6 GlowSize Cell (Additional Effects Properties Section)
visGlueType 9 GlueType Cell (Glue Info Section)
visGradientStopColor 0 Color Cell (Fill Gradient Stops Section)
visGradientStopColorTrans 1 Trans Cell (Fill Gradient Stops Section)
visGradientStopPosition 2 Position (Fill Gradient Stops Section)
visGroupDisplayMode 1 DisplayMode Cell (Group Properties Section)
visGroupDontMoveChildren 5 DontMoveChildren Cell (Group Properties Section)
visGroupIsDropTarget 2 IsDropTarget Cell (Group Properties Section)
visGroupIsSnapTarget 3 IsSnapTarget Cell (Group Properties Section)
visGroupIsTextEditTarget 4 IsTextEditTarget Cell (Group Properties Section)
visGroupSelectMode 0 SelectMode Cell (Group Properties Section)
visHideText 5 HideText Cell (Miscellaneous Section)
visHLinkAddress 1 Address Cell (Hyperlinks Section)
visHLinkDefault 7 Default Cell (Hyperlinks Section)
visHLinkDescription 0 Description Cell (Hyperlinks Section)
visHLinkExtraInfo 3 ExtraInfo Cell (Hyperlinks Section)
visHLinkFrame 4 Frame Cell (Hyperlinks Section)
visHLinkInvisible 8 Invisible Cell (Hyperlinks Section)
visHLinkNewWin 5 NewWindow Cell (Hyperlinks Section)
visHLinkSortKey 15 SortKey Cell (Hyperlinks Section)
visHLinkSubAddress 2 SubAddress Cell (Hyperlinks Section)
visHorzAlign 6 HAlign Cell (Paragraph Section)
visImageBlur 4 Blur Cell (Image Properties Section)
visImageBrightness 2 Brightness Cell (Image Properties Section)
visImageContrast 1 Contrast Cell (Image Properties Section)
visImageDenoise 5 Denoise Cell (Image Properties Section)
visImageGamma 0 Gamma Cell (Image Properties Section)
visImageSharpen 3 Sharpen Cell (Image Properties Section)
visImageTransparency 6 Transparency Cell (Image Properties Section)
visIndentFirst 0 IndFirst Cell (Paragraph Section)
visIndentLeft 1 IndLeft Cell (Paragraph Section)
visIndentRight 2 IndRight Cell (Paragraph Section)
visInfiniteLineX1 0 X Cell (Geometry Section)
visInfiniteLineX2 2 A Cell (Geometry Section)
visInfiniteLineY1 1 Y Cell (Geometry Section)
visInfiniteLineY2 3 B Cell (Geometry Section)
visLayerActive 6 Active Cell (Layers Section)
visLayerColorTrans 11 Transparency Cell (Layers Section)
visLayerColor 2 Color Cell (Layers Section)
visLayerGlue 9 Glue Cell (Layers Section)
visLayerLock 7 Lock Cell (Layers Section)
visLayerMember 0 Layer Membership Cell (Layer Membership Section)
visLayerNameUniv 10 Universal Name Cell (Layers Section)
visLayerName 0 Name Cell (Layers Section)
visLayerPrint 5 Print Cell (Layers Section)
visLayerSnap 8 Snap Cell (Layers Section)
visLayerStatus 3 Status Cell (Layers Section)
visLayerVisible 4 Visible Cell (Layers Section)
visLineBeginArrowSize 8 BeginArrowSize Cell (Line Format Section)
visLineBeginArrow 5 BeginArrow Cell (Line Format Section)
visLineColorTrans 9 LineColorTrans Cell (Line Format Section)
visLineColor 1 LineColor Cell (Line Format Section)
visLineEndArrowSize 4 EndArrowSize Cell (Line Format Section)
visLineEndArrow 6 EndArrow Cell (Line Format Section)
visLineEndCap 7 LineCap Cell (Line Format Section)
visLineGradientAngle 1 LineGradientAngle Cell (Gradient Properties Section)
visLineGradientDir 0 LineGradientDir Cell (Gradient Properties Section)
visLineGradientEnabled 4 LineGradientEnabled Cell (Gradient Properties Section)
visLinePattern 2 LinePattern Cell (Line Format Section)
visLineRounding 3 Rounding Cell (Line Format Section)
visLineWeight 0 LineWeight Cell (Line Format Section)
visLockAspect 4 LockAspect Cell (Protection Section)
visLockBegin 6 LockBegin Cell (Protection Section)
visLockCalcWH 14 LockCalcWH Cell (Protection Section)
visLockCrop 9 LockCrop Cell (Protection Section)
visLockCustProp 16 LockCustProp Cell (Protection Section)
visLockDelete 5 LockDelete Cell (Protection Section)
visLockEnd 7 LockEnd Cell (Protection Section)
visLockFormat 12 LockFormat Cell (Protection Section)
visLockFromGroupFormat 17 LockFromGroupFormat Cell (Protection Section)
visLockGroup 13 LockGroup Cell (Protection Section)
visLockHeight 1 LockHeight Cell (Protection Section)
visLockMoveX 2 LockMoveX Cell (Protection Section)
visLockMoveY 3 LockMoveY Cell (Protection Section)
visLockReplace 23 LockReplace Cell (Protection Cell)
visLockRotate 8 LockRotate Cell (Protection Section)
visLockSelect 15 LockSelect Cell (Protection Section)
visLockTextEdit 11 LockTextEdit Cell (Protection Section)
visLockThemeColors 18 LockThemeColors Cell (Protection Section)
visLockThemeConnectors 20 LockThemeConnectors Cell (Protection Section)
visLockThemeEffects 19 LockThemeEffects Cell (Protection Section)
visLockThemeFonts 21 LockThemeFonts Cell (Protection Section)
visLockThemeIndex 22 LockThemeIndex Cell (Protection Section)
visLockVariation 24 LockVariation Cell (Protection Section)
visLockVtxEdit 10 LockVtxEdit Cell (Protection Section)
visLockWidth 0 LockWidth Cell (Protection Section)
visLOFlags 13 ObjType Cell (Miscellaneous Section)
visNoAlignBox 3 NoAlignBox Cell (Miscellaneous Section)
visNoCtlHandles 2 NoCtlHandles Cell (Miscellaneous Section)
visNoLiveDynamics 18 NoLiveDynamics Cell (Miscellaneous Section)
visNonPrinting 1 NonPrinting Cell (Miscellaneous Section)
visNoObjHandles 0 NoObjHandles Cell (Miscellaneous Section)
visNURBSData 6 E Cell (Geometry Section)
visNURBSKnotPrev 4 C Cell (Geometry Section)
visNURBSKnot 2 A Cell (Geometry Section)
visNURBSWeightPrev 5 D Cell (Geometry Section)
visNURBSWeight 3 B Cell (Geometry Section)
visObjCalendar 25 Calendar Cell (Miscellaneous Section)
visObjDropOnPageScale 28 DropOnPageScale Cell (Miscellaneous Section)
visObjHelp 0 HelpTopic Cell (Miscellaneous Section)
visObjKeywords 27 ShapeKeywords cell (Miscellaneous Section)
visObjLangID 26 LangID Cell (Miscellaneous Section)
visObjLocalizeMerge 19 LocalizeMerge Cell (Miscellaneous Section)
visObjNoProofing 20 NoProofing Cell (Miscellaneous Section)
visObjTheme 29 Reserved for internal use only.
visObjThemeModern 30 Reserved for internal use only.
visPageDrawingScale 5 DrawingScale Cell (Page Properties Section)
visPageDrawScaleType 7 DrawingScaleType Cell (Page Properties Section)
visPageDrawSizeType 6 DrawingSizeType Cell (Page Properties Section)
visPageHeight 1 PageHeight Cell (Page Properties Section)
visPageInhibitSnap 26 InhibitSnap Cell (Page Properties Section)
visPageLockDuplicate 30 PageLockDuplicate Cell (Page Properties Section)
visPageLockReplace 28 PageLockReplace Cell (Page Properties Section)
visPageScale 4 InhibitSnap Cell (Page Properties Section)
visPageShdwObliqueAngle 36 ShdwObliqueAngle Cell (Page Properties Section)
visPageShdwOffsetX 2 ShdwOffsetX Cell (Page Properties Section)
visPageShdwOffsetY 3 ShdwOffsetY Cell (Page Properties Section)
visPageShdwScaleFactor 37 ShdwScaleFactor Cell (Page Properties Section)
visPageShdwType 35 ShdwType Cell (Page Properties Section)
visPageUIVisibility 34 UIVisibility Cell (Page Properties Section)
visPageWidth 0 PageWidth Cell (Page Properties Section)
visPageZOrderChanged 39 Reserved for internal use only.
visPLOAvenueSizeX 20 AvenueSizeX Cell (Page Layout Section)
visPLOAvenueSizeY 21 AvenueSizeY Cell (Page Layout Section)
visPLOAvoidPageBreaks 4 AvoidPageBreaks Cell (Page Layout Section)
visPLOBlockSizeX 18 BlockSizeX Cell (Page Layout Section)
visPLOBlockSizeY 19 BlockSizeY Cell (Page Layout Section)
visPLOCtrlAsInput 3 CtrlAsInput Cell (Page Layout Section)
visPLODynamicsOff 2 DynamicsOff Cell (Page Layout Section)
visPLOEnableGrid 1 EnableGrid Cell (Page Layout Section)
visPLOJumpCode 12 LineJumpCode Cell (Page Layout Section)
visPLOJumpDirX 14 LineJumpFactorX Cell (Page Layout Section)
visPLOJumpDirY 15 LineJumpFactorY Cell (Page Layout Section)
visPLOJumpFactorX 24 LineJumpFactorX Cell (Page Layout Section)
visPLOJumpFactorY 25 LineJumpFactorXYCell (Page Layout Section)
visPLOJumpStyle 13 LineJumpStyle Cell (Page Layout Section)
visPLOLineAdjustFrom 26 LineAdjustFrom Cell (Page Layout Section)
visPLOLineAdjustTo 27 LineAdjustTo Cell (Page Layout Section)
visPLOLineRouteExt 29 LineRouteExt Cell (Page Layout Section)
visPLOLineToLineX 22 LineToLineX Cell (Page Layout Section)
visPLOLineToLineY 23 LineToLineY Cell (Page Layout Section)
visPLOLineToNodeX 16 LineToNodeX Cell (Page Layout Section)
visPLOLineToNodeY 17 LineToNodeY Cell (Page Layout Section)
visPLOPlaceDepth 10 PlaceDepth Cell (Page Layout Section)
visPLOPlaceFlip 28 PlaceFlip Cell (Page Layout Section)
visPLOPlaceStyle 8 PlaceStyle Cell (Page Layout Section)
visPLOPlowCode 11 PlowCode Cell (Page Layout Section)
visPLOResizePage 0 ResizePage Cell (Page Layout Section)
visPLORouteStyle 9 RouteStyle Cell (Page Layout Section)
visPLOSplit 30 PageShapeSplit Cell (Page Layout Section)
visPolylineData 2 A Cell (Geometry Section)
visPrintPropertiesBottomMargin 3 PageBottomMargin Cell (Print Properties Section)
visPrintPropertiesCenterX 8 CenterX Cell (Print Properties Section)
visPrintPropertiesCenterY 9 CenterY Cell (Print Properties Section)
visPrintPropertiesLeftMargin 0 PageLeftMargin Cell (Print Properties Section)
visPrintPropertiesOnPage 10 OnPage Cell (Print Properties Section)
visPrintPropertiesPageOrientation 16 PrintPageOrientation Cell (Print Properties Section)
visPrintPropertiesPagesX 6 PagesX Cell (Print Properties Section)
visPrintPropertiesPagesY 7 PagesY Cell (Print Properties Section)
visPrintPropertiesPaperKind 17 PaperKind Cell (Print Properties Section)
visPrintPropertiesPaperSource 18 PaperSource Cell (Print Properties Section)
visPrintPropertiesPrintGrid 11 PrintGrid Cell (Print Properties Section)
visPrintPropertiesRightMargin 1 PageRightMargin Cell (Print Properties Section)
visPrintPropertiesScaleX 4 ScaleX Cell (Print Properties Section)
visPrintPropertiesScaleY 5 ScaleY Cell (Print Properties Section)
visPrintPropertiesTopMargin 2 PageTopMargin Cell (Print Properties Section)
visQuickStyleEffectsMatrix 6 QuickStyleEffectsMatrix Cell (Quick Style Section)
visQuickStyleFillColor 1 QuickStyleFillColor Cell (Quick Style Section)
visQuickStyleFillMatrix 5 QuickStyleFillMatrix Cell (Quick Style Section)
visQuickStyleFontColor 3 QuickStyleFontColor Cell (Quick Style Section)
visQuickStyleFontMatrix 7 QuickStyleFontMatrix Cell (Quick Style Section)
visQuickStyleLineColor 0 QuickStyleLineColor Cell (Quick Style Section)
visQuickStyleLineMatrix 4 QuickStyleLineMatrix Cell (Quick Style Section)
visQuickStyleShadowColor 2 QuickStyleShadowColor Cell (Quick Style Section)
visQuickStyleType 8 QuickStyleType Cell (Quick Style Section)
visQuickStyleVariation 9 QuickStyleVariation Cell (Quick Style Section)
visReflectionBlur 3 ReflectionBlur Cell (Additional Effects Properties Section)
visReflectionDist 2 ReflectionDist Cell (Additional Effects Properties Section)
visReflectionSize 1 ReflectionSize Cell (Additional Effects Properties Section)
visReflectionTrans 0 ReflectionTrans Cell (Additional Effects Properties Section)
visReplaceCopyCells 3 ReplaceCopyCells Cell (Change Shape Behavior Section)
visReplaceLockFormat 2 ReplaceLockFormat Cell (Change Shape Behavior Section)
visReplaceLockShapeData 1 ReplaceLockShapeData Cell (Change Shape Behavior Section)
visReplaceLockText 0 ReplaceLockText Cell (Change Shape Behavior Section)
visReviewerColor 2 Color Cell (Reviewer Section)
visReviewerCurrentIndex 4 CurrentIndex Cell (Reviewer Section)
visReviewerInitials 1 Initials Cell (Reviewer Section)
visReviewerName 0 Name Cell (Reviewer Section)
visReviewerReviewerID 3 ReviewerID Cell (Reviewer Section)
visRotateGradientWithShape 6 RotateGradientWithShape Cell (Gradient Properties Section)
visRotationType 3 RotationType Cell (3D Rotation Properties Section)
visRotationXAngle 0 RotationXAngle Cell (3D Rotation Properties Section)
visRotationYAngle 1 RotationYAngle Cell (3D Rotation Properties Section)
visRotationZAngle 2 RotationZAngle Cell (3D Rotation Properties Section)
visKeepTextFlat 6 KeepTextFlat Cell (3D Rotation Properties Section)
visDistanceFromGround 5 DistanceFromGround Cell (3D Rotation Properties Section)
visPerspective 4 Perspective Cell (3D Rotation Properties Section)
visScratchA 2 A Cell (Scratch Section)
visScratchB 3 B Cell (Scratch Section)
visScratchC 4 C Cell (Scratch Section)
visScratchD 5 D Cell (Scratch Section)
visScratchX 0 X Cell (Scratch Section)
visScratchY 1 Y Cell (Scratch Section)
visSketchAmount 10 SketchAmount Cell (Additional Effects Properties Section)
visSketchEnabled 9 SketchEnabled Cell (Additional Effects Properties Section)
visSketchFillChange 13 SketchFillChange Cell (Additional Effects Properties Section)
visSketchLineChange 12 SketchLineChange Cell (Additional Effects Properties Section)
visSketchLineWeight 11 SketchLineWeight Cell (Additional Effects Properties Section)
visSketchSeed 8 SketchSeed Cell (Additional Effects Properties Section)
visSLOCategoryChanged 24 Reserved for internal use only.
visSLOConFixedCode 12 ConFixedCode Cell (Shape Layout Section)
visSLOFixedCode 8 ShapeFixedCode Cell (Shape Layout Section)
visSLOJumpCode 13 ConLineJumpCode Cell (Shape Layout Section)
visSLOJumpDirX 16 ConLineJumpDirX Cell (Shape Layout Section)
visSLOJumpDirY 17 ConLineJumpDirY Cell (Shape Layout Section)
visSLOJumpStyle 14 ConLineJumpStyle Cell (Shape Layout Section)
visSLOLineRouteExt 19 ConLineRouteExt Cell (Shape Layout Section)
visSLOPermeablePlace 2 ShapePermeablePlace Cell (Shape Layout Section)
visSLOPermX 0 ShapePermeableX Cell (Shape Layout Section)
visSLOPermY 1 ShapePermeableY Cell (Shape Layout Section)
visSLOPlaceFlip 18 ShapePlaceFlip Cell (Shape Layout Section)
visSLOPlaceStyle 11 ShapePlaceStyle Cell (Shape Layout Section)
visSLOPlowCode 9 ShapePlowCode Cell (Shape Layout Section)
visSLORelationships 3 Relationships Cell (Shape Layout Section)
visSLORelChanged 23 Reserved for internal use only.
visSLORouteStyle 10 ShapeRouteStyle Cell (Shape Layout Section)
visSLOSplittable 21 ShapeSplittable Cell (Shape Layout Section)
visSLOSplit 20 ShapeSplit Cell (Shape Layout Section)
visSLOZOrderChanged 25 ZOrderChanged Cell (Shape Layout Section)
visSmartTagButtonFace 6 ButtonFace Cell (Smart Tags Section)
visSmartTagDescription 15 Description Cell (Smart Tags Section)
visSmartTagDisabled 7 Disabled Cell (Smart Tags Section)
visSmartTagDisplayMode 5 DisplayMode Cell (Smart Tags Section)
visSmartTagName 2 TagName Cell (Smart Tags Section)
visSmartTagXJustify 3 X Justify Cell (Smart Tags Section)
visSmartTagX 0 X Cell (Smart Tags Section)
visSmartTagYJustify 4 Y Justify Cell (Smart Tags Section)
visSmartTagY 1 Y Cell (Smart Tags Section)
visSoftEdgeSize 7 SoftEdgesSize Cell (Additional Effects Properties Section)
visSpaceAfter 5 SpAfter Cell (Paragraph Section)
visSpaceBefore 4 SpBefore Cell (Paragraph Section)
visSpaceLine 3 SpLine Cell (Paragraph Section)
visSplineDegree 5 D Cell (Geometry Section)
visSplineKnot2 3 B Cell (Geometry Section)
visSplineKnot3 4 C Cell (Geometry Section)
visSplineKnot 2 A Cell (Geometry Section)
visStyleHidden 3 HideForApply Cell (Style Properties Section)
visStyleIncludesFill 1 EnableFillProps Cell (Style Properties Section)
visStyleIncludesLine 0 EnableLineProps Cell (Style Properties Section)
visStyleIncludesText 2 EnableTextProps Cell (Style Properties Section)
visTabAlign 2 Alignment Cell (Tabs Section)
visTabPos 1 Position Cell (Tabs Section)
visTabStopCount 0 X1 Cell (Tabs Section)
visTextPosAfterBullet 12 TextPosAfterBullet Cell (Paragraph Section)
visThemeIndex 4 ThemeIndex Cell (Theme Properties Section)
visTxtBlkBkgndTrans 11 TextBkgndTrans Cell (Text Block Format Section)
visTxtBlkBkgnd 5 TextBkgnd Cell (Text Block Format Section)
visTxtBlkBottomMargin 3 BottomMargin Cell (Text Block Format Section)
visTxtBlkDefaultTabStop 6 DefaultTabstop Cell (Text Block Format Section)
visTxtBlkDirection 10 TextDirection Cell (Text Block Format Section)
visTxtBlkLeftMargin 0 LeftMargin Cell (Text Block Format Section)
visTxtBlkRightMargin 1 RightMargin Cell (Text Block Format Section)
visTxtBlkTopMargin 2 TopMargin Cell (Text Block Format Section)
visTxtBlkVerticalAlign 4 VerticalAlign Cell (Text Block Format Section)
visUpdateAlignBox 4 UpdateAlignBox Cell (Miscellaneous Section)
visUseGroupGradient 7 UseGroupGradient Cell (Gradient Properties Section)
visUserPrompt 1 Prompt Cell (User-Defined Cells Section)
visUserValue 0 Value Cell (User-Defined Cells Section)
visVariationColorIndex 5 VariationColorIndex Cell (Theme Properties Section)
visVariationStyleIndex 6 VariationStyleIndex Cell (Theme Properties Section)
visWalkPref 10 WalkPreference Cell (Glue Info Section)
visXFormAngle 6 Angle Cell (Shape Transform Section)
visXFormFlipX 7 FlipX Cell (Shape Transform Section)
visXFormFlipY 8 FlipY Cell (Shape Transform Section)
visXFormHeight 3 Height Cell (Shape Transform Section)
visXFormLocPinX 4 LocPinX Cell (Shape Transform Section)
visXFormLocPinY 5 LocPinY Cell (Shape Transform Section)
visXFormPinX 0 PinX Cell (Shape Transform Section)
visXFormPinY 1 PinY Cell (Shape Transform Section)
visXFormResizeMode 9 ResizeMode Cell (Shape Transform Section)
visXFormWidth 2 Width Cell (Shape Transform Section)
visXGridDensity 6 XGridDensity Cell (Ruler & Grid Section)
visXGridOrigin 10 XGridOrigin Cell (Ruler & Grid Section)
visXGridSpacing 8 XGridSpacing Cell (Ruler & Grid Section)
visXRulerDensity 0 XRulerDensity Cell (Ruler & Grid Section)
visXRulerOrigin 4 XRulerOrigin Cell (Ruler & Grid Section)
visX 0 X Cell (Geometry Section)
visYGridDensity 7 YGridDensity Cell (Ruler & Grid Section)
visYGridOrigin 11 YGridOrigin Cell (Ruler & Grid Section)
visYGridSpacing 9 YGridSpacing Cell (Ruler & Grid Section)
visYRulerDensity 1 YRulerDensity Cell (Ruler & Grid Section)
visYRulerOrigin 5 YRulerOrigin Cell (Ruler & Grid Section)
visY 1 Y Cell (Geometry Section)

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