CompareMode property

Sets and returns the comparison mode for comparing string keys in a Dictionary object.


object.CompareMode [ = compare ]

The CompareMode property has the following parts:

Part Description
object Required. Always the name of a Dictionary object.
compare Optional. If provided, compare is a value representing the comparison mode used by functions such as StrComp.


The compare argument can have the following values:

Constant Value Description
vbUseCompareOption -1 Performs a comparison by using the setting of the Option Compare statement.
vbBinaryCompare 0 Performs a binary comparison.
vbTextCompare 1 Performs a textual comparison.
vbDatabaseCompare 2 Microsoft Access only. Performs a comparison based on information in your database.


An error occurs if you try to change the comparison mode of a Dictionary object that already contains data.

The CompareMode property uses the same values as the compare argument for the StrComp function. Values greater than 2 can be used to refer to comparisons by using specific Locale IDs (LCID).

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