Object Doesn't Support this Property or Method

The "object doesn't support this property or method" error occurs when you try to use a method or property that the specified object does not support. For example, the following instruction results in an error.


The ActiveDocument property returns a Document object. There is no Copy method or property available for the Document object, therefore an error occurs. To determine what properties and methods are available for an object, do any of the following.

  • Use the Object Browser to determine what members (properties and methods) are available for the selected class (object).

  • Use the IntelliSense feature in the Visual Basic Editor. When you type a period (.) after a property or method in the Visual Basic Editor, a list of available properties and methods is displayed.

  • Use Word Visual Basic for Applications Help to determine which properties and methods can be used with an object. Each object topic in Help includes a page that lists the properties and methods for the object. Press F1 while in the Object Browser or while in a module to display the appropriate Help topic.

  • Use the TypeName function to determine the type of object returned by an expression. The following example displays "Range" because the Content property returns a Range object.

  MsgBox TypeName(ActiveDocument.Content)

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