SQL Server Protocols

This documentation contains detailed technical specifications for Microsoft protocols that are implemented and used by Microsoft SQL Server to interoperate or communicate with other Microsoft products. It also contains technical specifications for extensions to industry-standard and other published protocols that are used by SQL Server. In addition, the documentation set includes a companion technology overview document that supplements the technical specifications with conceptual background information, overviews of inter-protocol relationships and interactions, and technical reference information.

Although the Open Specifications technical documents are freely available, many of them include patented inventions. Some of these patents are available at no charge under the Open Specifications Promise or the Microsoft Community Promise. The remaining patents are available through various licensing programs. For more information, please visit the Microsoft Open Specifications Dev Center website or send an email message to the IP Licensing Team.

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SQL Server Protocols Overview Document

Provides information about the protocols and other technologies that are included in the SQL Server Protocols documentation set and the relationships among those technologies.

SQL Server Protocols Technical Documents

Provides detailed technical specifications for Microsoft proprietary protocols (including extensions to industry-standard or other published protocols) and other technologies that are used by SQL Server to communicate with other Microsoft products.

What's New and Changed in SQL Server Documents

Provides information about and links to new and updated protocol documents that contain details about the most recently released versions of SQL Server.

SQL Server Preview Documents

Provides preliminary versions of new and updated Open Specifications technical documents for community review and feedback.

SQL Server Errata

Provides clarifications and adjustments of content issues in published versions of protocol documents that could impact an implementation.

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Home to technical questions and answers about SQL Server Open Specifications, Standards Support and Data Portability documents.

Open Specifications Blogs

These blogs, authored by the engineers who support the Open Specifications documents, provide a different venue for further discussion of those documents.

SQL Server Interoperability Developer Blog

This blog is updated with the latest information on releases of the Open Specifications documents.


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