3.1 NTLM Logon Details

NT LAN Manager (NTLM) interactive logon and network logon MUST complete the authentication sequence by contacting the DC using an NRPC pass-through authentication ([MS-NRPC] section 3.2) method, with parameters as specified in section 3.1.5.

The NETLOGON_NETWORK_INFO and NETLOGON_VALIDATION_SAM_INFO4 data structures SHOULD be exchanged ([MS-NRPC] sections and The DC MUST populate the NETLOGON_VALIDATION_SAM_INFO4 with the information for the user logging on and return the SessionBaseKey ([MS-NLMP] section 3.3.1 and 3.3.2) in the UserSessionKey field in NETLOGON_VALIDATION_SAM_INFO4, and MUST send it back to the NTLM server. If no matching account is found, an error STATUS_NO_SUCH_USER (section 2.2) MUST be returned to the NTLM server, resulting in a logon failure.