IObjectExporter Methods

IObjectExporter is the interface used for OXID resolution, pinging, and server aliveness tests. All object resolvers MUST support the IObjectExporter interface. Clients MUST check for the RPC_S_UNKNOWN_IF error (as specified in [MS-ERREF] section 2.2) to determine if the object resolver supports the IObjectExporter interface.

This is a native RPC interface, not an ORPC interface.

Methods in RPC Opnum Order




Returns the bindings and Remote Unknown IPID for an object exporter.

Opnum: 0


Performs a ping of a previously allocated ping set to maintain the reference counts on the objects referred to by the set.

Opnum: 1


Invoked to create or modify a ping set, to ping a ping set, or to perform a combination of these operations in one invocation.

Opnum: 2


Invoked by clients to test the aliveness of a server using a given RPC protocol.

Opnum: 3


Returns the bindings and Remote Unknown IPID for an object exporter, and the COMVERSION of the object server.

Opnum: 4


Introduced with version 5.6 of the DCOM Remote Protocol. Extends the ServerAlive method and returns string and security bindings for the object resolver.

Opnum: 5

 The methods MUST NOT throw exceptions.