Advisors: Create a purchase offer

Appropriate roles: Advisor


This feature is only available to Microsoft partners who are authorized subscription advisors.

After you've sent a trial invitation for Office 365 to a client, you can follow up by creating and sending a purchase offer that's customized to fit the needs of your client. If you're certified to offer delegated administration, you can add an option to the purchase offer that allows you to administer the account on behalf of your client.

When you create the purchase offer, the Create purchase offer wizard creates a custom URL for you. The URL has an embedded code that identifies you as the subscription advisor. You can use this URL for one or many clients. Send the URL to your client in an email. Or, you can post the URL on your website. If your client accepts the offer, you're associated with your client's purchase.

If your client wants a different number of licenses, send them a new offer, or they can change the number of licenses when they purchase the subscription.

To create a purchase offer

  1. Sign in to Partner Center and select Customers.

  2. Navigate to Trials and purchase offers > Create offer.

  3. On the Create purchase offer page, select the purchase offer options that you want to include:

    • Partner office: If your company has multiple offices, choose the office that you want to associate this purchase offer with.

      To add partner office locations, see Add a location. New office locations may require up to 24 hours after they were created to appear in the Partner office list.

    • Usage location: Select the location where your client will use the services.

    • Subscriptions: The list of subscriptions that you can choose is determined by the usage location of your client's country or region. Check the box of the subscription or subscriptions that you'll offer your client.

    • License count: When you select a subscription, type the number of licenses that you want to include in the purchase offer.

    • Delegated administration: This option is only available to partners who are certified to offer delegated administration. Choose this option if you want to offer your client delegated administration. If you do, your client can accept the purchase offer with or without acceptance of delegated administration.

  4. Select Next.

  5. On the Send page, copy the purchase offer information and URL, and then paste it into an email, a document, or a webpage to create a customized purchase offer.


    Make a note of the Purchase offer summary ID. Use it to track the offer.

  6. You can personalize the message by including your company logo, introduction, closing remarks, or other information.

    Send the purchase offer to your client.

  7. When you customize your message, consider including this information:

    • Identify yourself as an authorized Microsoft AI Cloud Partner.
    • Let clients know that they'll be billed directly by Microsoft.
    • Tell clients how to contact you with questions about the service or the offer.
    • Let clients know that they control the number of user licenses purchased and can change the number of licenses when they accept the offer.
    • If you offer delegated administration, explain what it means, and what your responsibilities are. For more information about delegated administration, see Offer delegated administration.

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