Azure credits

Appropriate roles: Global admin | Microsoft AI Cloud Partner Program partner admin

This article describes how to view and redeem Azure credits (monthly or yearly credits) that are available to Partners in Partner Center. To look at specific Azure credits you receive, refer to respective membership pages. Learn more about membership.

View Azure benefits in Partner Center

To view your Azure credits, sign in Partner Center Azure Credits Page. You see a list of Azure credits that are either already redeemed or that are yet to be redeemed.

Following are two types of Azure credits you receive, depending on the active membership you have.

  • Azure monthly credit: These Azure credits are available to be consumed per month. For example, $100/month means you get $100 Azure credits every month until the end date of your membership. If you don't consume these credits fully by end of the month, these unconsumed credits lapse and don't carry forward to next month.
  • Azure bulk (yearly) credit: These Azure credits are available to be consumed for one year from Start date to End date. For example, $6,000/year means you get $6000 Azure credits once. You can consume these $6000 credits anytime between Start date and End date of these credits.


The Azure credits amount discussed in this section are for example purposes only, and aren't intended to represent any actual amount or prices.

Redeem your Azure credits

To activate these Azure credits, you must assign these credits to an individual user in your organization. This user gets an email containing the link and steps to redeem these Azure credits. Ask this user in your organization to follow the instructions in that email and complete the redemption process.


The Azure credits provisioned along with any new Microsoft AI Cloud Partner Program (MAICPP) purchase like – Microsoft Action Pack Subscription (MAPS), Legacy Silver/Gold etc., can only be used on a new Azure subscription. These credits cannot be used on an existing Azure subscription. After redeeming any new Azure sponsorship, you must move all your resources under this new subscription to be able to make use of these sponsorship credits.

Here are the detailed steps you should follow to assign a user to Azure credits in Partner Center:

  1. Find an Azure credit that isn't yet redeemed and select it. There are quick filters available on the top of the screen to easily locate the Azure Credits that aren't yet redeemed.
  2. A right side panel opens, look for instructions in Activation Walkthrough step and proceed with assigning a user in Activate Benefits step.
  3. You can search for a user and select Assign user OR if you can't find a user, you can select Add a new user and then assign Azure credits to this newly added user. Learn more about how to create a user.
  4. Once the user assignment is successful, here are the links that assigned user should follow to complete redemption process. Yearly Azure Credits link or Monthly Azure credits link.

View and remove assigned users

Change in the user assignment post initial redemption or assignment is allowed with some conditions.

  • For each Azure monthly credit, you can add or remove users at any time capped to only five reassignments. In no circumstances, exceptions are granted post five reassignments are completed.
  • For the Azure bulk (yearly) credit, reassignment isn't allowed. You can change the user only next year if you renew your membership and new set of benefits are awarded.

Azure credits FAQs

  • A user in your organization can be assigned both an active Azure monthly credit and an Azure bulk credit. They cannot be assigned more than one Azure bulk credit.
  • For Azure monthly credits, you can remove an existing user assignment and assign a new user. However, for each such Azure credits, a maximum of five such user reassignments are allowed.
  • Azure credits can't be assigned to users having a free-hosted domain (such as,, and others). Users with company domains are allowed.
  • Azure monthly credits are valid only for 13 months from the date of benefit provisioning. At the end of 13 months, free monthly Azure credits are no longer be available, and you need to convert your subscription to Pay-as-you-go model if you wish to continue running your Azure resources. You can convert your Azure monthly subscription to Pay-as-you-go model by removing spend restriction on your Azure subscription. To learn more, see Remove the spending limit in Azure portal.
  • Azure credits awarded under Microsoft membership program should adhere to Monthly Azure credits or Yearly Azure creditsterms and conditions.