Partner Center API scenarios that let you programmatically manage customer accounts

Applies to: Partner Center | Partner Center operated by 21Vianet | Center for Microsoft Cloud for US Government

This article describes some of the ways partners in the Cloud Solution Provider program can use the Partner Center API to programmatically manage areas like:

  • Customer accounts
  • Orders
  • Subscriptions
  • Support
  • Billing

There are different versions of Partner Center available that include different capabilities. Not all scenarios are supported in all versions of Partner Center. To learn more, see Developing for Partner Center for Microsoft National Cloud.

Scenarios supported by the Partner Center SDK

All of the following scenarios can be completed three different ways:

  • Manually in Partner Center.

  • Programmatically using the Partner Center managed API.

  • Programmatically using the Partner Center REST API.

To learn about these supported scenarios: See this resource:
Analytics: Learn how to retrieve analytics data about Azure usage, subscriptions, licenses, or referrals. Analytics
Audit operations: Learn how to retrieve historical audit records of Partner Center activity and operations. Audit operations
Device deployments: Learn about device configuration policies, working with device batches, and device metadata. These scenarios include adding, deleting, updating, and retrieving device configuration policies. Device deployment
Accounts and profiles: Learn how to get or update partner billing profiles, legal profiles, Microsoft AI Cloud Partner Program profile, business profiles, or support profiles. You can also get a list of customers or indirect resellers. Manage accounts and profiles
Billing: Learn about areas like changing the billing cycle, getting Azure rates and Azure utilization records, getting invoices, getting partner's current account balance, or getting customer service costs. Manage billing
Azure spending: Get information about Azure spending and partner usage, usage of customer subscriptions, metered usage, and customer usage budgets. Scenarios also include how to update a customer usage budget. Azure spending
Managing customer accounts: Learn how to do many aspects of customer account management, such as creating and deleting customer accounts or a customer's user accounts, managing and validating customer account details, managing user accounts, and assigning licenses. Manage customers
Managing orders: Learn all the ways you can programmatically manage customer orders and subscriptions. This area includes purchasing Azure reservations, creating orders, getting offers from the catalog, and managing trial conversion offers. Manage orders
Providing support: Learn how to administer services for a customer, how to get or update support contacts for a subscription, and how to manage service requests. Provide support
Referrals: Learn how to create a referral, get a list of referrals, or update a referral. Referrals
Utilities: Learn how to validate an address, get address formatting rules by market, verify domain availability, delete a customer account from the integration sandbox, or get a record of Partner Center activity. Utilities
Security: Learn about the REST APIs related to multifactor authentication (MFA) in Partner Center. These APIs help you enforce MFA for each user account in your partner tenant. Partner security requirements status
View margins: Learn how CSP partners can view and take advantage of Marketplace offers from independent software vendors (ISVs) at discounted prices. These APIs will help you get margins and also to download margins in csv format. View margins
Payouts: Learn how CSP partners can access the Partner Center Payout details using the API Manage payouts
Fraud events: Partners can subscribe to Azure fraud events to detect and respond to malicious activities and stop the issue from escalating further. Azure fraud notification

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