Plan a Power BI visual offer

This article highlights the content and requirements you need to have ready or completed to publish a Power BI visual offer in Partner Center for Microsoft AppSource. Power BI visuals are packages that help users visualize the data served to them. Anyone can create a custom visual and package it as a single PBIVIZ file that can be imported into a Power BI report.

Before you start, create a commercial marketplace account in Partner Center and ensure it is enrolled in the commercial marketplace program. Also, review the publishing process and guidelines.

Publishing benefits

Benefits of publishing to AppSource:

  • Promote your company by using the Microsoft brand.
  • Potentially reach more than 100 million Microsoft 365 and Dynamics 365 users on AppSource and more than 200,000 organizations through Azure Marketplace.
  • Have your services promoted by the Microsoft field and telesales teams.


Read the following to ensure you're properly prepared before starting the creation process.

These are the key publishing steps covered in the next several topics:

  1. Package your Power BI visual.
  2. Prepare the marketing details, such as the official name, description, and logos.
  3. Gather links to the offer's legal and support documents, such as terms of use, privacy policy, support policy, and user help.
  4. Create the visual – Use Partner Center to enter the details, including the visual description, marketing materials, legal information, support information, and asset specifications.
  5. Monitor the process in Partner Center, where the AppSource onboarding team tests, validates, and certifies your visual. After it's certified, review the app in its test environment and release it. This "go live" will list it on AppSource.

Technical requirements

The technical requirements to get a Power BI visual offer published are detailed in Technical configuration of a Power BI visual offer.

Before submitting a Power BI visual to AppSource, ensure you've read the Power BI visuals guidelines and tested your visual.

Customer leads

The commercial marketplace will collect leads with customer information so you can access them in the Referrals workspace in Partner Center. Leads will include information such as customer details along with the offer name, ID, and online store where the customer found your offer.

You can also choose to connect your CRM system to your offer. The commercial marketplace supports Dynamics 365, Marketo, and Salesforce, along with the option to use an Azure table or configure an HTTPS endpoint using Power Automate. For detailed guidance, see Customer leads from your commercial marketplace offer.

Provide an End-User License Agreement (EULA) file for your Power BI visual.

Offer listing details


Offer listing content is not required to be in English if the offer description begins with the phrase "This application is available only in [non-English language]".

To help create your offer more easily, prepare these items ahead of time. All are required except where noted.

For the most effective Power BI visual offer, see these guidelines.

  • Name – The name will appear as the title of your offer listing in the commercial marketplace. The name may be trademarked. It cannot contain emojis (unless they are the trademark and copyright symbols) and is limited to 50 characters.
  • Summary – The purpose or function of your offer as a single sentence with no line breaks in 100 characters or less. This is used in the commercial marketplace listing(s) search results.
  • Description – This displays in the commercial marketplace listings overview. Consider including a value proposition, key benefits, intended user base, category or industry associations, in-app purchase opportunities, any required disclosures, and a link to learn more. This text box has rich text editor controls to make your description more engaging. Optionally, use HTML tags for formatting.
  • Help/Privacy policy links – The URL for your company’s help and privacy policy. You are responsible for ensuring your offer complies with privacy laws and regulations.
  • Media
    • Logos – A PNG file for the Large logo. Partner Center will use this to create other required logo sizes. You can optionally replace these with different images later.
    • Screenshots – At least one and up to five screenshots that show how your offer works. Images must be 1280 x 720 pixels, in PNG format, and include a caption.
    • Videos (optional) – Up to four videos that demonstrate your offer. Include a name, URL for YouTube or Vimeo, and a 1280 x 720 pixel PNG thumbnail.


Review the offer listing guidelines and best practices carefully before submitting your offer.

Your offer must conform to the general commercial marketplace certification policies to be published to the commercial marketplace.

Next steps