Support for the commercial marketplace program in Partner Center

Microsoft provides support for a wide variety of products and services. Finding the right support team is important to ensure an appropriate and timely response. Consider the following scenarios, which should help you route your query to the appropriate team:

  • If you're a publisher and have a question from a customer, ask your customer to request support using the support links in the Azure portal.
  • If you're a publisher and you detect a security issue with an application running on Azure, see How to log a security event support ticket. Publishers must report suspected security events, including security incidents and vulnerabilities of their Azure Marketplace software and service offerings, at the earliest opportunity.
  • If you're a publisher and have a question relating to your app or service, review the following support options.

Get help or open a support ticket

Any Partner Center user can create a support request. To learn how, see Get help and contact support.

Track your existing support requests

  1. To review your open and closed tickets, sign in to Partner Center with your work account.
  2. In the top menu, select the Help icon (?).
  3. In the side-panel that appears, select View my support requests.

Your support tickets are shown under My support requests.

Additional resources

Do you have questions about getting started as a Microsoft commercial marketplace publisher? Here's a list of support options for the commercial marketplace. In addition to the following resources, you can also get many of your questions answered in the Marketplace channel of C+AI Community Forum.


Open a ticket with Microsoft marketplace publisher support for issues with onboarding and getting started.

Partner Center

Support channel Description Availability
For assistance, visit the Create an incident page located at Marketplace Support Support for Partner Center. Support is provided 24x5.


Support channel Description
MSDN forums: Marketplace located at Microsoft Q&A question page Microsoft Developer Network forum.
Stack Overflow: Azure located at Stack Overflow environment to get solutions and ask questions about everything related to Azure Marketplace.
Technical presales and deployment services (TP&D) Use your advisory benefits to get help with publishing your offer on the appropriate Marketplace.

Marketing resources

Support channel Description Availability
Email: Answers to questions about usage for Azure logos and branding.

For questions about Marketplace Rewards, contact Partner Center support.

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