Manage your customer list - search, update, or export customer information in Partner Center

Applies to: Partner Center | Partner Center for Microsoft Cloud for US Government

Appropriate roles: Admin agent

Customer records are among your most important information assets in Partner Center.

You can also export data about transactions and management actions for customers as activity logs. For more information, see View customer activity logs.

The Customer List page shows details in a table view. From the table, you can create new orders, manage and assign tags, or go to your customer's Service management page.

Screenshot of Customer list from Partner Center.

Search for a customer

Sign in to Partner Center and select Customers. A list of your customers appears on the Customer List.

Dual partners (that is, partners who are both direct bill/tier 1 + indirect reseller) will see duplicate customers in the list (that is, customers from both their direct bill/tier 1 status and their status as an indirect reseller).

Create a new order

You can create a new order for a specific customer from the Customer list page:

  1. Select a customer and select New order in the command bar.
  2. Select the product catalog from which you’d like to initiate the order: Azure, Marketplace, Software, or Online services. To complete the transaction, follow the order workflow.

Update a customer's billing information

You can update a customer's billing information, including their company name, address, and customer contact details. To learn more, see Update customer account info, company details, and customer billing information.

Export your customer list

To export your customer list:

  1. Sign in to Partner Center and select Customers.

  2. Select Export customers in the command bar to download the customer list to the default download folder on your computer as a .csv file.

    Data columns in the Customers.csv file include:

    • Microsoft ID
    • Company name
    • Primary domain name
    • Relationship (the partner's business relationship to the customer, for example Cloud Reseller)
    • Tags


Exporting always provides the full list of customers. Search settings or filtered data don't apply to the export.

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