feature-usage element

The feature-usage element acts as a wrapper around the uses-feature elements, which themselves allow developers to declare which features their component wants to use. If there are no uses-feature elements defined, the feature-usage element is not required.

Available for

Model-driven apps

Parent Element

Element Description
control Defines the component's namespace, version and display information.

Child Element

Element Description Available for
uses-feature Indicates which feature the code components want to use. Model-driven apps


    <uses-feature name="Device.captureAudio" required="true" />
    <uses-feature name="Device.captureImage" required="true" />
    <uses-feature name="Device.captureVideo" required="true" />
    <uses-feature name="Device.getBarcodeValue" required="true" />
    <uses-feature name="Device.getCurrentPosition" required="true" />
    <uses-feature name="Device.pickFile" required="true" />
    <uses-feature name="Utility" required="true" />
    <uses-feature name="WebAPI" required="true" />