AccessRights EnumType

Contains the possible access rights for a user.


Members define the discrete options for the enumeration type.

Name Value Description
None 0 No access.
ReadAccess 1 The right to read the specified type of record.
WriteAccess 2 The right to update the specified record.
AppendAccess 4 The right to append the specified record to another object.
AppendToAccess 16 The right to append another record to the specified object.
CreateAccess 32 The right to create a record.
DeleteAccess 65536 The right to delete the specified record.
ShareAccess 262144 The right to share the specified record.
AssignAccess 524288 The right to assign the specified record to another user or team.

Used by

The following use the AccessRights EnumType.

Name How used
RetrievePrincipalAccessResponse AccessRights Property
PrincipalAccess AccessMask Property
ShareAuditDetail OldPrivileges Property
ShareAuditDetail NewPrivileges Property
GenerateSharedLink SharedRights Parameter
RevokeSharedLink SharedRights Parameter

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