AppointmentRequest ComplexType

Provides the details of an appointment request for the Search function.


The properties of a complex type contain the structured data of the type.

Name Type Details
AnchorOffset Edm.Int32

The time offset in minutes, from midnight, when the first occurrence of the appointment can take place.

AppointmentsToIgnore Collection(AppointmentsToIgnore)

The appointments to ignore in the search for possible appointments.

Constraints Collection(ConstraintRelation)

Any additional constraints.

Direction SearchDirection

The direction of the search.

Duration Edm.Int32

The appointment duration, in minutes.

NumberOfResults Edm.Int32

The number of results to be returned from the search request.

Objectives Collection(ObjectiveRelation)

The scheduling strategy that overrides the default constraints.

RecurrenceDuration Edm.Int32

The time, in minutes, for which the appointment recurrence is valid.

RecurrenceTimeZoneCode Edm.Int32

A value to override the time zone that is specified by the UserTimeZoneCode property.

RequiredResources Collection(RequiredResource)

The resources that are needed for this appointment.

SearchRecurrenceRule Edm.String

The recurrence rule for appointment recurrence.

SearchRecurrenceStart Edm.DateTimeOffset

The date and time for the first possible instance of the appointment.

SearchWindowEnd Edm.DateTimeOffset

The date and time to end the search.

SearchWindowStart Edm.DateTimeOffset

The date and time to begin the search.

ServiceId Edm.Guid

The ID of the service to search for.

Sites Collection( Edm.Guid )

The sites where the requested appointment can take place.

UserTimeZoneCode Edm.Int32

The time zone code of the user who is requesting the appointment.

Used by

The following use the AppointmentRequest ComplexType.

Name How used
Search AppointmentRequest Parameter

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