CreateFlowMachineNetwork Action

Triggers the creation of Flow Machine Network to be used for hosted bots.

Bound Entities

Bound actions are invoked by appending the fully qualified action name to the URI representing an entity or collection.

Entity Type Binding Type
flowmachinenetwork collection


Parameters allow for data to be passed to the action.

Name Type Nullable Unicode Description
Edm.String False False

The name of the Flow Machine Network to create.

Edm.String True False

A JSON representation of an object providing additional parameters to setup the Flow Machine Network.

Edm.String False False

The type of the Flow Machine Network to create.

Edm.String False False

The subnet associated to the Flow Machine Network.

Edm.String True False

The description of the Flow Machine Network to create.

Edm.String False False

The supported scenarios of Hosted RPA products intended for this Flow Machine Network.

Return Type

Type Nullable Description
CreateFlowMachineNetworkResponse False Contains the response of the CreateFlowMachineNetwork action.

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