FullTextSearchKnowledgeArticle Action

Performs a full-text search on knowledge articles in Dynamics 365 using the specified search text.


Parameters allow for data to be passed to the action.

Name Type Nullable Unicode Description
Edm.String False False

The text to search for in knowledge articles.

Edm.Boolean False True

Indicates whether to use inflectional stem matching when searching for knowledge articles.

Edm.Boolean False True

Indicates whether to remove multiple versions of the same knowledge article in search resultss

Edm.Int32 False True

The state of the knowledge articles to filter the search results

QueryBase True True

The query criteria to find knowledge articles with specified text.

Return Type

Type Nullable Description
Collection(crmbaseentity) False The FullTextSearchKnowledgeArticle action returns the following value.


Use the FullTextSearchKnowledgeArticle action with these entity types:

Name Display Name Description
knowledgearticle Knowledge Article Organizational knowledge for internal and external use.

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