IncrementKnowledgeArticleViewCount Function

Increments the per day view count of a knowledge article record.


Parameters allow for data to be passed to the function.

Name Type Nullable Unicode Description
crmbaseentity False True

The knowledge article record for incrementing the view count.

Edm.DateTimeOffset False True

The date for which the view count has to be incremented.

Edm.Int32 False True

The location where the knowledge article record was used.

Edm.Int32 False True

The view count of a knowledge article record.

Return Type

Type Nullable Description
crmbaseentity False The IncrementKnowledgeArticleViewCount function returns the following value.


Use the IncrementKnowledgeArticleViewCount function with these entity types:

Name Display Name Description
knowledgearticleviews Knowledge Article Views No of times an article is viewed per day

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