msdyn_SLACustomTimeCalculationTemplateResponse ComplexType

Contains the response from the msdyn_SLACustomTimeCalculationTemplate action.


The properties of a complex type contain the structured data of the type.

Name Type Details
firstOutputValue Edm.String

The Warning Time if the requestType is getEndTime. Otherwise the Total Elapsed Time if requestType is getElapsedTime.

returnCalendarId Edm.String

The new calendarId on which new calculation is done. It will be updated on the newly created SLA KPI instance. Optional.

secondOutputValue Edm.String

The FailureTime if requestType is getEndTime.

Used by

The following use the msdyn_SLACustomTimeCalculationTemplateResponse ComplexType.

Name How used
msdyn_SLACustomTimeCalculationTemplate ReturnType

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