RetrievePersonalWall Function

Retrieves pages of posts, including comments for each post, for all records that the calling user is following.

Bound Entities

Bound functions are invoked by appending the fully qualified function name to the URI representing an entity or collection.

Entity Type Binding Type
post collection


Parameters allow for data to be passed to the function.

Name Type Nullable Unicode Description
Edm.Int32 False True

A specific page of posts that is designated by its page number

Edm.Int32 False True

The number of posts per page

Edm.Int32 False True

The number of comments per post.

Edm.DateTimeOffset True True

The start date and time of the posts that you want to retrieve.

Edm.DateTimeOffset True True

The end date and time of the posts that you want to retrieve

Edm.Int32 True True

Reserved for future use.

Edm.Int32 True True

The source of the post.

Edm.Boolean True True

When true, reverse the default sort direction so that posts appear in ascending order.

Edm.String True False

The search pattern to filter posts with. Wild card searches are supported.

Return Type

Type Nullable Description
Collection(post) False The RetrievePersonalWall function returns the following value.

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