RetrieveUnpublished Function

Retrieves an unpublished record.

This function is composable. You can append OData system query $select option to the URI to control the properties returned.

Bound Entities

Bound functions are invoked by appending the fully qualified function name to the URI representing an entity or collection.

Entity Type Binding Type
savedqueryvisualization entity
systemform entity
customcontroldefaultconfig entity
webresource entity
sitemap entity
savedquery entity
mobileofflineprofileitem entity
mobileofflineprofile entity
appconfig entity
appconfiginstance entity
navigationsetting entity
appmodule entity
workflow entity

Return Type

Type Nullable Description
savedqueryvisualization False The RetrieveUnpublished function returns the following value.


Use the RetrieveUnpublished function with these entity types:

Name Display Name Description
mobileofflineprofileitemassociation Mobile Offline Profile Item Association Information on relationships to be used to follow related entity's records for mobile offline profile item.
teammobileofflineprofilemembership TeamMobileOfflineProfileMembership
usermobileofflineprofilemembership UserMobileOfflineProfileMembership

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