RolePrivilegeAuditDetail ComplexType

Represents audited changes to the privileges of a security role.

Base Type


The properties of a complex type contain the structured data of the type.

Name Type Details
InvalidNewPrivileges Collection( Edm.Guid )

A collection of invalid privileges for the role.

NewRolePrivileges Collection(RolePrivilege)

The role's new privileges.

OldRolePrivileges Collection(RolePrivilege)

The role's old privileges.

Navigation Properties

The navigation properties of a complex type contain references to an entity type or a collection of entity types.

Name Type Nullable Description
AuditRecord crmbaseentity False The related Audit record that contains the change details.

Used by

The following may use the RolePrivilegeAuditDetail ComplexType.

Name How used
RetrieveAuditDetailsResponse AuditDetail Property
AuditDetailCollection AuditDetails Property

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