Work with data using code in Microsoft Dataverse


Unsure about entity vs. table? See Developers: Understand terminology in Microsoft Dataverse.

Dataverse has tables that are used to model and manage business data. You can use the stock provided tables or define your own custom tables to store data.

Use web services to work with data

Dataverse provides two web services that you can use to interact with data: data service, and Organization service. Choose the one that best matches the requirement and your skills. Use the Web API when coding for the data service and the SDK API when coding for the Organization service.


The Web API is an OData v4 RESTful endpoint. Use this for any programming language that supports HTTP requests and authentication using OAuth 2.0.

More information: Use the Dataverse Web API

Organization service

Use classes provided in the Dataverse SDK for .NET assemblies to access the Organization web service from custom apps or for extending Dataverse operations using custom plug-ins and workflow activities. The Dataverse SDK for .NET supports build targets for both .NET Framework and .NET 6+. However, plug-in and custom workflow activities must be coded using .NET Framework.

More information: Use the Dataverse Organization service


Use the Xrm.Tooling assemblies if you want to access the Organization service using our PowerShell module or are creating a Windows client application and you want to use our custom login control. More information: Build Windows client applications using the XRM tools