formContext.ui.quickForms (Client API reference)

Provides methods to access all the quick view controls and its constituent controls on the model-driven apps forms when using the new form rendering engine (also called "turbo forms"). A quick view control is a quick view form added to a main form in model-driven apps that enables you to view information about a related table record within the main form. Data in constituent controls in a quick view control cannot be edited.

The quickForms collection provides access to all the quick view controls on a form, and supports all the standard methods of the collections. See Collections) for information about the collection methods.

You can retrieve a quick view control in the quickForms collection by using the get method by specifying either the index value (integer) or name (string) of the quick view control as the argument:

quickViewControl = formContext.ui.quickForms.get(arg)

Quick form control Methods

Name Description
getControl Gets the control on a form.
getControlType Returns a string value that categorizes quick view controls.
getDisabled Gets a boolean value indicating whether the control is disabled.
getLabel Returns the label for the quick view control.
getName Returns the name assigned to the quick view control.
getParent Returns a reference to the section object that contains the control.
getVisible Returns a value that indicates whether the quick view control is currently visible.
isLoaded Returns whether the data binding for the constituent controls in a quick view control is complete.
refresh Refreshes the data displayed in a quick view control.
setDisabled Sets the state of the control to either enabled or disabled.
setFocus Sets focus on the control.
setLabel Sets the label for the quick view control.
setVisible Displays or hides a control.