isLoaded (Client API reference)

Returns whether the data binding for the constituent controls in a quick view control is complete.



Return Value

Type: Boolean.

Description: true is the data binding for a constituent control is complete; false otherwise.


The data binding for the constituent controls in a quick view control may not be complete during the main form OnLoad event because the quick view form that the control is bound to may not have loaded completely. As a result, using the getAttribute or any data-related methods on a constituent control might not work. The isLoaded method for the quick view control helps determine the data binding status for constituent controls in a quick view control.


The following sample code demonstrates how you can use the isLoaded method to check the binding status, and then retrieve the value of the column that a constituent control in a quick view control is bound to.

function getAttributeValue(executionContext) {
    var formContext = executionContext.getFormContext();
    var quickViewControl = formContext.ui.quickForms.get("<QuickViewControlName>");
    if (quickViewControl != undefined) {
        if (quickViewControl.isLoaded()) {
            // Access the value of the column bound to the constituent control
            var myValue = quickViewControl.getControl(0).getAttribute().getValue();
            // Search by a specific column present in the control       
            var myValue2 =  quickViewControl.getControl().find(control => control.getName() == "<AttributeSchemaName>").getAttribute().getValue();
        else {
            // Wait for some time and check again
            setTimeout(getAttributeValue, 10, executionContext);
    else {
        console.log("No data to display in the quick view control.");