GridCell (Client API reference)

GridCell is only supported for editable grids.

GridCell of a selected grid row is analogous to a control on a form that is tied to a column in an editable grid. See Collections (Client API reference) for information on the methods available to access data in a collection.


GridCell supports the following methods.

Name Description
clearNotification Clears notification for a cell.
getDisabled Returns whether the cell is disabled (read-only).
setDisabled Sets whether the cell is disabled.

NOTE: Enabling a read-only cell for editing can cause an error when the record is saved. If the column is considered read-only by the server, an error may occur if the value is modified. This may happen in scenarios where the user doesn't have write privileges to the record, the record is disabled, or the user doesn't have the necessary field-level security privileges.
setNotification Displays an error message for a cell to indicate that data isn’t valid.
getLabel Returns the label of the column that contains the cell.

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