Continue editing your app with Copilot (preview)

[This article is prerelease documentation and is subject to change.]

Build and continue editing your app with the help of Copilot powered by AI. Tell Copilot what changes you want to make to your app in simple language, and let AI do the work for you.

The Copilot panel is available when you edit a canvas app in Power Apps Studio. You can edit your app by telling Copilot what kind of changes you want to make such as add a screen, configure navigation, styling a single control, or bulk editing.

Copilot panel.


  • Preview features aren’t meant for production use and may have restricted functionality. These features are available before an official release so that customers can get early access and provide feedback.
  • For more information, go to our preview terms.
  • This capability is powered by Azure OpenAI Service.
  • This capability may be subject to usage limits or capacity throttling.


Prerequisites for Copilot in Power Apps features: Copilot in Power Apps overview (preview)

What's supported

Copilot in Power Apps supports the following commands:

  • Use a screen template to add a new screen.

  • Modify the properties of various controls. Supported controls:

    • Screen
    • Horizontal and Vertical containers
    • Gallery
    • Edit form
    • Button
    • Text label
    • Text input


    • Modern controls aren't supported.
    • This feature supports English and its variants.

Sample commands you can try

When you open the Copilot pane, you can select any of the three cards to explore preset prompts that demonstrate Copilot's capabilities. You can also try the commands listed in the table.

Scenario Commands
Add a new screen using template Adding a new email screen
Adding a new screen
Add a new screen with header body and footer
Add/edit/style a control Add a new button
Change selected button to have width 100
Add a new icon
Add a new text label
Add a submit button and a cancel button for the form
Bulk editing Change all buttons to gray
Change all labels in the selected container to be red
Working with containers Add a button to the selected container
Templatized formulas When clicking on Button1, show screen 2
Modern theming Change my app to deep forest green

Use Copilot to edit your app

  1. Sign in to Power Apps and open a canvas app for editing.

  2. In Power Apps Studio, on the top right, select Copilot.

  3. In the Copilot panel, chat with Copilot and describe the changes you want to make such as Add a new screen.

    Add a screen.