Modern controls and properties in canvas apps (preview)

[This article is pre-release document and is subject to change.]

Configure the behavior of a modern control by setting one of its properties. Each type of control has a different set of properties.

Modern controls

Badge – A badge is a visual decoration for UI elements.

Button – Interact with the app by clicking or tapping.

Checkbox - Select or clear an option to specify true or false.

Date picker - A control that the user can select to specify a date.

Dropdown – Select a value from the list of items.

Header – A control that creates a modern app header.

Info button – Use this control to provide additional information to users.

Link – Open hyperlinks in new tab.

Progress bar – Displays the progress, can be configured as determinate showcasing exact progress or indeterminate for ongoing progress.

Radio group – An input control that shows multiple options, of which users can select only one at a time.

Spinner – Displays state in motion, for exmaple, loading a page or table.

Slider - A control with which the user can specify a value by dragging a handle.

Table – A control that shows a set of data in a tabular or list format.

Tabs or tab list – Select a tab to move screens or take action on app.

Text – Display text on the app, can also be used as label for fields.

Text input – A box in which the user can type text, numbers, and other data.

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