Canvas apps for enterprise developers, partners, and ISVs

As a developer, you can extend canvas apps in Power Apps, enabling even more powerful solutions for organizations and customers.

Canvas apps for enterprise developers

As an enterprise developer, empower your organization to build robust, tailored solutions on Power Apps:

  • Build custom connectors: Develop custom connectors to connect to your organization's data and web services. Learn more

  • Create canvas apps using Power Platform CLI: Use Microsoft Power Platform CLI to create, pack (preview), and unpack (preview) canvas apps using a custom connector. More information: Power Platform CLI - pac canvas

  • Build Azure Functions: Craft Azure Functions to extend apps with custom server-side logic. Learn more

  • Embed apps: Embed apps directly into your website experiences to create integrated solutions, surfacing apps where people in your organization already do their work. Learn more

  • Build offline-capable apps: Develop offline-capable apps so your users are productive whether they are online or offline. Learn more

Canvas apps for ISVs and Microsoft partners

As a Microsoft partner or Independent Software Vendor (ISV), accelerate customer adoption by extending your products to integrate with your customers' data and business processes:

  • Build and certify custom connectors: Bring your product into the Microsoft cloud by building a connector that enables Power Apps to talk to your service. Learn more

  • List your solution on Microsoft AppSource: Generate new leads for your business by building an app with Power Apps and publishing it to Microsoft AppSource for new customers to find. Learn more

  • Get started today for free: Sign-up for the Power Apps Developer Plan for free and start building apps in a dedicated developer environment. Learn more