Set up and explore the Help Desk sample template in Power Apps

In Power Apps, the Help Desk sample template is a tool that provides a user-friendly experience to connect end users with support professionals. By running the app, you can quickly find answers to the most important questions, track progress of open tickets, and review details of previous requests. This app requires a small amount of setup to make it your own.

Opening screen of the Help Desk Tickets app.

Where can I run the app?

You can run this sample app in your browser, on a tablet, or on another device that has a similar form factor.

How do I open the template and run the app?

The Help Desk sample app is available in Power Apps. Follow these steps to open and run the sample app:

  1. Sign in to Power Apps.

  2. On the left pane, select Create.

  3. On the right side of the screen, scroll down to the Start from template section.

  4. Select Help Desk from the available sample app templates.

    Open Help Desk sample app.

  5. Enter a name.

  6. Select Create.

  7. When prompted, select Allow to let the app use the connections.

  8. Press F5 on the keyboard or use Preview button to preview the app.


This sample app includes locally saved information using collections. To use the app for business purposes, customize the app to store information using connectors.

How do I build the app myself?

The Help Desk sample app includes a lot of the functionality commonly used in Power Apps. You can extend the app functionality by using connectors to connect the app to a data source instead of the default collections used by the sample app.

Save the app and update it to use a data source such as SharePoint or Microsoft Dataverse.

You can also enable the capability to send emails or approval routing using Power Automate pane or Approvals connector.

Next steps

Design the app inteface - add, configure controls

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