Add the calendar control to tables


This describes the process that currently uses the classic editor to introduce a control. In due course this will be migrated so that this can be performed within the modern form editor.

The Calendar Control V2 control displays scheduled activities and their associated details in a calendar. Activities can be viewed, created, and deleted in a day, week, or month view. System customizer or system administrator privileges are needed to add the Calendar Control V2 control.

To add the control

  1. In the app, select the Settings icon, and then select Advanced Settings.

    Advanced settings.

    The Business Management page opens in a new browser tab.

  2. On the navigation bar, select Settings, and then under Customization, select Customizations.

  3. Select Customize the System.

  4. Under Components in the solution explorer, expand Tables, and then select a table. For example, Activity.


    For Description and Regarding columns to be displayed in the Calendar Control v2, the table where the Calendar Control V2 is configured must be created as an activity table. More information: Activity tables

  5. On the Controls tab, select Add Control.

    Add control command.

  6. In the Add Control dialog box, select Calendar Control V2, and then select Add.

    Add control dialog box.

  7. The calendar control is added to the list of controls.

    Calendar control added.

  8. Read-only grid is the default option, so when users select a table from the site map, they'll see a read-only grid of opportunities. To make the calendar view the default view instead, select the corresponding Calendar Control V2 option buttons.

  9. Select the edit icon for each of the mandatory columns, and then select the binding values.

    Binding values for mandatory columns.

  10. Select Save to save changes.

  11. To publish the changes, select Publish.

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